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So, I guess I just want to better understand how people think, and I don't want to go all over the internet for vagueness by experts.

Contradictions are fine. Just talk about yourself..(you do enjoy that, right). How do you think, feel? What annoys you, what do you enjoy?
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I have always been fairly unsure of myself. I hesitate a lot before I say things. Because of that I sometimes miss the opportunity to say it - or I may decide not to say it. I over analyse things I have said (not so much now than I did when I was younger) and sometimes regret having spoken at all. I don't worry too much any more, but I do consistantly worry that I may have been insensitive or hurt another person inadvertantly. Saying that, I can be very cold and cut people off without warning if they piss me off - but it's usually because they are insensitive and pushy and won't leave me alone/take a hint. I can't stand pushy people.

I think a lot about how people work, and what makes them tick. It's what I want to know more than anything else - to understand others and also to be understood. I want others to know me, and to be willing to work at that in the way that I am - like peeling the layers of an onion, but at the same time I want to hide and remain unknown.

I love music, art and beautiful ways that people express themselves subtly. I like subtlety. I want life to be always sensuous, rich and full of meaning. I need to connect to others, and feel lonely if I feel no one understands me or doesn't care. I hate being taken for granted or treated like a fool.

I find people fascinating.
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To do something meaningful with my life. I'm not sure what that is though. At the moment I play the harp here and there but I'm not sure if that really means anything significant. It's nice, but thinking of going into counselling.
What's your greatest ambition?
Are you doing this for all the types to find out about them?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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