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So, I guess I just want to better understand how people think, and I don't want to go all over the internet for vagueness by experts.

Contradictions are fine. Just talk about yourself..(you do enjoy that, right). How do you think, feel? What annoys you, what do you enjoy?
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I'm not nice. But here's a more specific question: can you get along with your boss, or do you have to be on top? If you can work for someone else, what do they have to be for you to be willing to work for them. Competent? Nice? If you have to be on top, do you tend to be nice yourselves? Or are you so Introverted that you have a hard time reciprocating feelings of happiness?
- If you're not nice we're going to fall out, and if not I'll be looking for another job.
- I have no need to be boss, necessarily, but I want recognition for my abilities and some level of superiority in that. I wouldn't mind having a high level of responsibility, I suppose, I have a few strong ideas, principles and directions, I can think strategically, but I don't want decisions dumped on me perpetually and I want a bunch of nice and intelligent people to back me up intellectually.
- If my boss were incompetent I would very much like to be saying something about it to his boss, he shouldn't be in that position. The Peter and Dilbert Principles apply. If he's just unpleasant, however, I'll be saying something to him.
- Were I to be any kind of boss I would be nice. My aim would be to make sure everyone has the space, environment and resources they need to do what they individually do best. Being a dick does not a good boss make.
- Similarly I would want my boss to accept my differences and uniqueness, put them to best use and give me the environment and resources I work best in.
- Tying into the above points, remember, INFPs are introverts (I wish businesspeople would stop treating that like a vice) but we're people people. We like to be nice. It's all in the type description.
- If I'm happy I have no problem reciprocating happiness to the people I see every day. I like to be happy anyway (I think, it's been a while). Introversion and reservedness are correlationally related but not the same thing.
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