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Talk about your personality type

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So, I guess I just want to better understand how people think, and I don't want to go all over the internet for vagueness by experts.

Contradictions are fine. Just talk about yourself..(you do enjoy that, right). How do you think, feel? What annoys you, what do you enjoy?
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Interesting. I hope you realize that is a complicated question, and I tend to be long winded. I have now given you fair warning.

Talk about myself? vague. Generally when someone asks me about myself I start with either my family, or my personality type. Seeing as you now know I'm ESTJ, I suppose I could start with my family, but that doesn't really tell you (much) about me. Anyway, my dad is INTP and is the person in my family I get along best with. We just understand each other. It is the opposite with my mom (ENTJ). I love her dearly, but something (possibly personality type related) just prevents us from communicating well. My sister is ENFP. The only F in our family of Ts. She definitely provides us with lots of laughs, but often she's just confusing to all of us. I love her dearly though, and she is one of the few people that can occasionally get to me forget about taking everything seriously and just have fun with her.

How do I think? I would like to say logically. I definitely think in steps vs first seeing a big picture. I don't like jumping to conclusions. In fact, for that reason, even if I am pretty sure I understand something, I will continue asking about it and I want it explained fully so that it doesn't leave any room for questioning what could be meant by it. Sometimes I wish I could just see the big picture and not have to obsess about knowing all the details before I can understand.

Feel? that's a complicated question... Usually I like feeling by myself. For example when I am hurt or upset or anything I want to be alone and don't like people talking to me. It especially annoys my mother who somehow always knows something is up and wants me to talk about it with her. Which I do not like doing. Ever. But especially while I'm going through it. I want to lock myself in my room with a blanket and a book. I also usually only listen to emotional music by myself when I don't have to do anything but sit and truly "feel" the music.

What annoys me? Nothing annoys me more than people not doing what they should or not doing it "correctly." I have an idea of how things should be done and when they aren't done efficiently, etc. I am also very much annoyed when what I do is taken for granted. I am the type of person that will take on more than I can handle to make sure it is done well. when others just expect it of me is when I get upset. I do it because I want to, but some gratitude would be nice.

I enjoy spending time with people doing something we both enjoy. I enjoy discussing something I am informed about with someone who enjoys discussing and appreciates my opinions, etc. I also enjoy spending some time with myself or with my cat and a good book. I love music.

I'm not really sure if these were the answers you are looking for. If you have any specific questions, just ask. I do better with specific questions anyway.
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