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So, I guess I just want to better understand how people think, and I don't want to go all over the internet for vagueness by experts.

Contradictions are fine. Just talk about yourself..(you do enjoy that, right). How do you think, feel? What annoys you, what do you enjoy?
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How I think? Things about me that would specifically reflect on my personality? Lets see what I can do. First I want to map out and point out any similarities with @EmmaGilbert . That may help you out.

What annoys me? Nothing annoys me more than people not doing what they should or not doing it "correctly." I have an idea of how things should be done and when they aren't done efficiently, etc. I am also very much annoyed when what I do is taken for granted. I am the type of person that will take on more than I can handle to make sure it is done well. when others just expect it of me is when I get upset. I do it because I want to, but some gratitude would be nice.
You took the words right out of my mouth!

Anyway, I will also start with my family. I am ESTJ (obviously), My mother and youngest sister are both ENFPs, My 2 other sisters are ESFJ and INTP. I am unsure of what my father is, but he may be ESFJ or ESTJ.

Way of thinking:
I think practically or logically. I also probe for as much information as possible and I always like to hear specifics. My INTP sister says that she is capable of thinking about something for months and months at a time, but I do not do that. The sequence of my thoughts is very random. I don't really focus on one topic for a long time unless something is bothering me. I can think about one thing and not remember what I was thinking about a minute ago. When I hear of a problem, whether my own or that of someone else, my brain immediately switches into problem solving mode. My sister is INTP and she is always walking around thinking deeply with her head in the clouds. I am different though. Since I do not think deeply and I have both feet firmly placed on the ground, I am usually very aware of my surroundings and the tasks that need to be completed.

Approach to work:
I hate laziness period. I intend to always do my best in the best most efficient manner. I also tend to be a workaholic completing as much as I can and taking on other people's jobs. I do tend to rely on myself most of the time. I feel as though other people aren't as reliable or capable of doing the job well.

Social life:
I am a pretty quiet and calm person. I am introverted at times but I also like being around people. Well, smart interesting people. Lazy or people with low conscientiousness annoy me considerably. I sometimes find myself giving out my unsolicited advice to them and of course they hate me for it. :p I get along well with adults and all my professors. I prefer formal situations and I behave professionally most of the time. I am also attracted to professionalism in general. That is one trait I admire in a person. I do not really like casual things unless it is with close friends.

More about me:
I'm a silly goofy person actually. I love to say silly things just to tease my sisters with and I also love to play pranks. My interests are Zoology, Art, Computers and other things. I am especially fascinated with reptiles and leeches. My favorite animal is the American alligator, shark, leech, spider, and snake. :) I like nearly every school subject and I like to learn languages.

My weaknesses:
My biggest weakness is probably my inability to express love through words or other things. I do not like hugs or being touched, and It is really hard for me to show it. Most of my love is shown through actions and not words. For example my little sister was interested in becoming a massage therapist. So instead of just encouraging her like a normal person would do, I borrowed a book from the library about massage therapy and lent it to her.. Thats the kind of person I am. lol. If you get sick I will print out some pages about your sickness for you to read and give you good solid advice on how to cure it. I'm not exactly a touchy feel type.

My strengths:
I am reliable, independent for my age, very interested in learning, a hard worker and I have common sense and a clear head.

This is all I can really think of for now. I may add to it later. Adios.
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