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Talking to strangers

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I find it very hard to start a conversation with a total stranger and I was wondering if it has something to do with being a type 9. I guess I get scared of creating some kind of conflict and I end up never trying to talk with people I don't know, and it might make people think I'm an anti-social guy.

This is specifically bad when I'm interested in a girl I never talked to; I get really scared of trying to talk to her. Usually, I don't have any problems talking to girls I like, if the ice was already broken, but I just can't break it on my own.

You guys can relate to this and, if you can, what you do about it?
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I'll talk to strangers if there's a reason for it. For example, if I'm in a new class and I don't know anyone, I'll usually strike up a mundane conversation. I'm not one to talk to people in line at the supermarket, though. That's just unnecessary.
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