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Yesterday, I was setting up the bedroom for Pickles to play--getting it ready before I did range of motion and meditation, and I could see her zooming around, a flash of white, in her cage, but otherwise I focused on all the room prep. When I was done, I looked over and she had trashed her cage, used up angry energy, and I said, "Really, that's what you were doing, you ass frank. OK, you're not an ass frank, just a frustrated rat..."

I did my routine, came back and said, "OK, OK, come on out and play while I clean your cage, bitch." Then I kissed the top of her head and said, "You're not a bitch, I can't even say it and pretend I mean it."

God, I'm a pushover!

Double click image to see how innocent she can look, The Poser! xD

Black Rat Skin Black-and-white Muridae

P.S. That is also her in the avatar; she was giving herself a bath, nice and wet, which helped when I used Lunapic "Effects" to make her look like a villain.
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