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Talking to yourself

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Earlier today, I was reading another thread in which an INTJ pondered that ENTPs prefer to talk something out *while* thinking it through, instead of waiting until they have a firm opinion about it. I thought that sounded accurate; debating or conversing about a particular question I'm having before it is resolved in my mind always does seem to help. Then, the poster went on to say that it's possible we do this because talking out loud automatically shifts the problem to the other side of our brain (as we hear it with our other ear). This caught my attention, as it would also explain my habit of talking to myself.

Whenever I'm particularly frustrated or upset (whether emotionally or intellectually), I start to mutter to myself - sometimes in the form of a rant, sometimes as an imagined conversation. I think that people often think I'm crazy, but the truth is, talking about it, whether another person is there or not, has always seemed to help (even in first and second grade, I'd read my math problems out loud and it helped me finish faster).

My question is whether this inherent discovery and use of talking to get the problem to both sides of the brain is common for ENTPs. Do you make a habit of talking to yourself? If not, do you typically discuss ideas before they are fully formed in your head?
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I always talk to myself, constantly. Observer would label me schizophrenic because it seems like I'm talking to air. As much as I hate to admit, I love talking to myself. I just probably crazy.
I tend to talk to myself when i'm stressed but never when other people are around me.

Most ideas I think through in my head and if they get too intense I write them down and work them out as I think them through. I often will write something, rip the page out and then write it over fixing it as I rewrite it and I sometimes do this several times. In both talking and writing I think while doing them.

I do have to work things out over a long period of time until it is 100 percent consistent with whatever I use as a model for it. It's the only way I know i'm right.
That only happens when I'm really upset - or while I'm brainstorming for ideas. The previous only happens when I'm alone, though, and the latter can basically happen everywhere, though I try not do it in public.
all the time. its good stuff
when I'm brainstorming mostly, my friend has to calls me out on it sometimes, it surprises me at times that what I'm doing is audible.
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I have a feeling you great ENTPs will relate to this very much -- a fellow awesome ENTP!

At 2:30 he points out exactly this thread.
Yes. Hadn't heard the "other side of the brain" thing before. But probably has some validity.
Doing it. When I lack other persons to bounce my ideas/concerns off of....
OK I am most definitely I NTP but I talk to myself all the time. I find I can order my thoughts effectively that way. If, when I'm at work I can't see a way through to a solution, I go outside, have a ***, and talk it through. In 5 minutes, I usually plan a path, or even have a solution.

I mutter at my desk all the time. My colleagues don't think I'm crazy, they already know I'm crazy.
Tee hee! As an INTP I talk to myself using my internal voice. I never actually say anything out loud. I suppose that would be thinking to myself then, wouldn't it?

However, I dated an ENTP and the second time he came over to my place he immediately asked if he could use my shower, since he had just worked out. I found it endearing that he could make himself at home so easily - I would never be comfortable enough to do that so soon in a relationship! (Side note- I suppose more sensitive types might have gotten offended at him doing this? I wouldn't know.) So I found something to do and I swear to god I heard him talking to himself in there - I was so tempted to listen, but I didn't. I found that endearing as well, if not a bit odd. :crazy:
I don the ear muffs at work and chat with my tools. We talk about how we are going to go about the task in hand. Keeps me sane.
All the time. I'm the only one who will listen!
Carlin is actually an ENTJ. Was a thread about it in "guess the type" forum and yes, he does use sarcasm very heavily indicative of his dominant Te which he once in a while sprinkles with physical Se humor and his biography and interviews do align well with ENTJ profile.

Talking while thinking I believe is some kind of extravert trait, not just ENTP trait ... why it is easier to get to know extraverts in the first place.
I have a feeling you great ENTPs will relate to this very much -- a fellow awesome ENTP!

At 2:30 he points out exactly this thread.
YouTube - George Carlin on Our Similarities
I've spent much time pacing and talking to myself out loud.
I've never ever ever ever ever talked to myself out loud. I pace the room all the time and when I'm thinking things out, I imagine having a conversation with someone I know as if I was going to tell them this in the future.
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haha yeah I do this.
I usually don't talk out loud though. If I'm alone though, I'll get as loud as mouthing the words, but I'll add hand gestures and facial expressions. It's always conversational form, and I'm always talking to someone, but who changes. Usually I pick someone I think (or would like) to be interested.
I think in my head in conversational form too. I dated and ENTJ once who found this to be frustrating. He said it was inefficient and it wasn't necessary to think in conversational form.
Yes, but i try not to do it out loud when other people are near.
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