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I've been thinking about this a lot, and I've come to the conclusion that she is an ESFJ.

Loves to perform, has said before that she never gets tired of being around people, always has to talk to someone about her problems, loves to hug her fans and just people in general, seems to have amazing people skills = E

Has mentioned being a very detail oriented person, down to earth and humble, uses lots of details in her song lyrics, likes to plan every tiny detail in her shows, seems to be grounded in reality, has mentioned trusting people too easily and not thinking about the consequences, she also seems somewhat old fashioned and conservative in her ways of thinking = S

Just listen to her music. It's obvious that emotions dominate her way of living. = F

Seems very put together, and likes to organize and plan. = J

Also, if you just watch how she interacts with people, it's clear that she is an Fe dom. She loves hugging and show affection to others, and she also loves expressing her emotions and wearing her heart on her sleeve. Also, ESFJs are typically very easily wounded, and their emotions kind of spin out of control afterwards. This seems to be a common pattern in her life. She is also a very feminine and sensitive person. Always wearing pretty and sparkly dresses, daydreaming about falling in love and getting married, being on record saying that she wants a minimum of FOUR kids....ESFJ women are typically the very epitome of femininity, and all of those things I just mentioned are traditionally feminine characteristics.

What do you think? ESFJ or ENFJ??
11infamousx, I think your post is extremely perceptive. If pressed without thinking about it, I would have guessed ESFP or ISFP. But upon reflection I think your ESFJ is the correct and non obvious choice.

See this link that talks about judging versus perceiving, and I think you are spot-on here. Taylor meets the list of activities for "People who prefer Judging" down the page:

Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)? | MyEVT
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