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I don't know if anyone here has watched this but I like how they didn't change the characters' personalities too much. They more or less exaggerated each of their quirks. In fact it seems easier to type than the original show. The writing is actually better and may be the cause of this.

Goku: ESFP

Krillin: ENTP (Krillin not being able to keep his mouth shut is the best part of the show)

Bulma: ESTP

Piccolo: INTJ

Vegeta: ENTJ (it's just funny to watch an ENTJ get mad)

Nappa: ESTP

Mr. Popo: ENTP (not sure if ESTP or ENTP but one of the best characters)

Dr. Briefs: INTP (Finally a non-stereotyped INTP role)

Yajirobe: ISFP

Nail: ISFJ

Super Kami Guru: ESTP (Reminds me of Archer Sterling)

Gohan: INFP

Tien: ISTJ

Pokemon: ISFP


Yamcha: ESFP

Trunks: ESTJ

Freezer: ENTJ

Master Roshi: ESTP

Recoome: ESTP

Jeice: ESTP

Zarbon: ISFP

Dodoria: ESTJ

Space Duck: ????

Android 17: ESTP

Android 18: ISTP

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I've seen Team Four Star: DragonBall Z Abridged it is really funny.
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