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Okay, so Oleas and I had a conversation that went like this:

[23:40:42] Lullaby:
[23:40:42] Lullaby: :D
[23:40:57] Lullaby: We should type them! :D
[23:41:27] Melissa: :D
[23:41:28] Melissa: yesss
[23:41:31] Melissa: i love the red one
[23:41:34] Melissa: he's my fave ever
[23:41:39] Lullaby: Po
[23:41:41] Lullaby: I love her too!
[23:41:50] Melissa: probably a perceiver
[23:41:54] Lullaby: I think she's IxFP
[23:41:57] Melissa: its a sign that i'll marry a perceiver
[23:42:00] Lullaby: :D
[23:42:00] Melissa: it's a HE
[23:42:03] Melissa: HE's an INFP
[23:42:06] Lullaby: :D
[23:42:07] Lullaby: pfft
[23:42:08] Lullaby: sure
[23:42:25] Melissa: hahahahaha
[23:42:27] Lullaby: :D
[23:42:28] Melissa: wtf
[23:42:39] Melissa: the yellow one's an ENFJ
[23:42:44] Lullaby: I thought so, too
[23:42:48] Lullaby: :p
[23:42:56] Lullaby: purple is ENTP probs
[23:43:10] Lullaby: and the green... is the evil INTJ overlord
[23:43:10] Lullaby: :D
[23:43:26] Melissa: hahahahahahhahahahaha
[23:43:34] Melissa: this is signature worthy
[23:43:38] Lullaby: :D
[23:43:41] Melissa: the whole typology of teletubbies
[23:43:52] Melissa: :D
[23:43:54] Lullaby: :D :D
[23:44:03] Lullaby: We should make a thread and paste this.
[23:44:21] Melissa: YES
[23:44:22] Melissa: DO IT
[23:44:27] Lullaby: :D
[23:44:28] Lullaby: KAY!
[23:44:31] Melissa: :D
[23:45:01] Melissa: they're so ENTP INTJ INFP ENFJ
[23:45:05] Melissa: SO SO SO SO SO TRUE

So.... Po (red) is INFP, Lala (yellow) is ENFJ, Tinky Winky (purple) is ENTP, and Dipsy (green) is INTJ. Any other suggestions? :laughing:

I still think Po and Lala are girls, btw. :mellow:

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First reaction upon seeing the thread title: This ought to be good...

I'm not sure about the other letters, but I do believe that Tinky Winky and Lala are extroverts while Dipsy and Po are introverts.
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