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Tell me about your omnious thoughts, daydreams and dreams!

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ok, so i think everyone knows we are capable of thinking some real weird creepy shit. =)

and try to explain why you think you thought/dreamnt/daydremat of it.

ill start with my last night dream:

i was in some kind of school like system, and for some reason, i had these plans to suck peoples ass liquids out of them with a tool, and then do consispious things with it.

i was like a serial killer on a mission, i never actually did do those _things_, but in the dream setting it apparently had happened without it ever happening in the dream. so at one point people realized what i had been doing and started chasing me. i ran off, there was these beautiful unreal middle age like designed stairs that i jumped to, and ran off into my aprtment,(and had to fiddle with my keys to find the right one in right position in time) in which i was apparently safe.

so lets make the connections: i visited a castle: the middle age styled stairs.
i red a fiction story with an omnious device which had a tube plugged into peoples anus.
i hate fiddling with keys: the keys.
recently i looked like a serial killer when i looked at my eyes in a mirror, as like i held a great power and hate towards everyone: the serial killer status.
things that supposedly happened in the dream but never did: my nlp method for creating ideas, by fiddling with data and skipping the boring parts.

then a daydream:
i had a superpower(other people, not evryone, had too) which would allow me to understand and manipulate matter. i used it to create a dragon specie, 5 times more intelligent than human, all created from my genes/dna so they'd too have superpowers.
i then moved to live with them in isolation from the human societies, as itd be too dangerous to expose it, and my plan was to conquer the humans economy system by taking over all product design things with the higher intelligence that the dragons had. to create one super company that would create perfect products and satisfy all human product needs. the company was named fueravia, it also stood as the foundation of the dragons income.

then when the company was huge, the dragons announced their existence and claimed to have been on earth long before humans, and started doing politics with all nations.

at one point, the fueravia dragons decided to put demands on humanity to control their population like the dragons, and usa of course refused, so the dragons used their most destructive superpower dragons to destroy usa. then came a problem, if the dragons are allowed to choose to immigrate themselves, it would inevitably attract specific kind of dragons, and thus a new culture would be born, which couldnt be allowed so the immigration would be mandatory to those selected, so the fueravia culture would be maintained in the colony.

at this point i snapped, realizing that my culture is spookily similar to nazi germany and north korea.
at which i realized, oh great, im doing unhealthy again! >.<

the dragons would also only have what is needed, so no time nor resource is wasted on useless things.

so the connections: unhealthy sx so = "correcting" the globe.
dragons: why not? =]
superpowers: we are too limited.
5 times higher intelligence: why not use the brains to their full capacity if you could remove those restrictions?
correcting the world problems: i guess thats an infj thing.
having only what you need: its an sx so thing.
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My goodness. One time, I had a dream of my favourite characters (whether it's from a book, tv show, movie, etc.) and they were all part of a conspiracy. Their plan was to take me away but I've been running away from them as fast as I can!
(Worst dream ever but it was exhilarating. A lot of action ;) )
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