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Tell us 10 things about you.

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I stole this idea from the ENTP thread but decided to shorten the list to 10. So as the title says, tell us 10 things about yourself!

1. I started reading at the age of 2 and did not speak coherently until I was 4.
2. I've been in 3 films as an extra. One of them made it big in Eastern Europe.
3. My favorite stoic philosopher is Epicurus who was a leading force in developing the scientific method.
4. I am currently studying Psychology and I aim to be a Research Psychologist.
5. I want to publish a few books on Psychology and Poetry in my lifetime.
6. Before I die, I want to visit the pyramids in Egypt.
7. I can sing. I was in the choir for about 5 years when I was younger.
8. I'm half Puerto Rican and my spanish is horrible despite it being my first language.
9. My mother is an ESFJ and I think my father is an ISTP. I've been around sensors my whole life.
10. I rarely watch TV but my favorite shows are House, GhostHunters, and Bones.
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1. I am a mother.
2. I can sing although I hate performing. My unwillingness to perform is why my last vocal coach stopped working with me.
3. I can ride horses and have taught many children and adults how to ride.
4. I didn't finish my Bachelors degree until I was in my mid-thirties.
5. Several professors asked me to submit short stories and essays to contests. I refused because I didn't want the publicity.
6. I have never been outside the continental United States.
7. I can trace part of my lineage to pre-Revolutionary war Virginia.
8. My parents divorced when I was very young.
9. I am a cultural Christian.
10. I have known my two BFFs since high school.
1. I do an excellent palm reading as a party trick.
2. I am a belly dancer.
3. I collect religious texts.
4. I stabbed myself with a chisel and cut a lot of nerves in my left hand... all because I was looking at a boy.
5. I have only one 'acquaintance' in real life that is a female... the rest are all males.
6. I have a fear of aliens.
7. I live in a co-operative community.
8. I grew up with GID, but grew out of it.
9. I pierced my nose myself and woke up on the bathroom floor.
10. I can fit my whole fist in my mouth.
I am a pilot.
I was part of a search and rescue team from age 14 to 18.
I am good at orienteering.
I've been to 4 colleges and I am planning to go back to college.
My favorite courses were literature and physics.
I like to read science fiction and literature.
I've never won an award for being the best.
I love to swim hike and camp.
I like to take and look at photographs.
I like FPS games.
1) I'm a bit of a polymath, being proficient in natural sciences, mathematics, economics, finance, literature and art.
2) Got my PhD in physics at 26
3) Seem very extroverted. These are barbs of sarcasm to shoo away the masses.
4) Have been single a grand total of 7 weeks in the past 14 years.
5) Want to retire at 35, 40 latest. Well on my way.
6) I am a pretty mean tarot reader
7) I am a huge death/black metal freak
8) Have 13 published journal articles
9) I am considering to do stand-up comedy if I manage to get even more venomous.
10) Unusual for an INTJ, I am a very physically affective person, and understand the emotions of my SOs well.
1. Collect stickers, coins/currency, and steelbooks on Blu-Ray as well as the amarays
2. Own and play all 3 current generation video gaming system consoles: PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii
3. Had 3 perfect attendances during my elementary years
4. Hardcore Lakers fan
5. Played soccer and my team got us in 3rd place
6. Want to live in United Kingdom
7. Enjoy taking photos with my Canon Rebel T2i.
8. Broke a wooden chair with my forehead just because my mother refused to take me to a store to buy some candies
9. Dreadfully hate the color pink, with a passion, yet I wear pink collar shirts
10. As usual for most INTJs, I buy and read books
1. I am a Hockey fanatic. No, I don't play. No, I don't live in a cold environment. No, my parents are not fans. Weird, eh?

2. I am a total introvert, but the people that I pay attention to are those who 'interest' me. Don't get me wrong, I hang out with my friends and loved ones, but I live for those 'interesting' people and observing what they do. There are usually only a couple in my life at a time. i could be his or her best friend, we could be total strangers, we could be a student to a teacher, we could be plain ol' enemies or rivals. It's just that those interesting people and analyzing their actions is what makes life worthwhile. I don't know what 'attracts' me to this individuals, but I can always tell.

3. I do suffer from depression, but I don't tell my parents or many (if any) of my friends about it because I don't like them to look down on me.

4. I worship Bruce Springsteen, even though I'm an eighteen-year-old girl, if only because until age seven my dad had me convinced that he was the only musical artist in the universe. Let's just say that the discovery of Aaron Carter was a shocker.

5. I research things like psychology and stuff for fun. Most kids go out on a Saturday night. I research stuff (the way I stumbled upon PC) and read books on those topics.

6. I have a fantastical violent side. Like I'm pre-disposed to serial murder but don't cause I have a great family support system.

7. I get take hard classes, but only get decent grades because I abhor homework, even though I ace tests.

8. I have an addictive personality. I limit my reaches to sugar and television and the internet.

9. I am a closet rap fan. White girl usually =/= Rap fan.

10. Two of three of my best girl friends are INTJ's, like me. Weird, huh?
1. Won a prize for my amateur photography
2. Retired IT Project Manager
3. Declared Political Science as my college major at the deadline before taking a single course in the discipline, and stayed with it as the best of a bad lot
4. Attended Law School for a year (no degree)
5. Personal library of about 1500 books after culling a bunch, 98% of which are non-fiction. My wife has about the same number of books, 100% of which are fiction. We almost never read the same books!
6. Order hundreds of items -- books, CDs, electronics, just about anything I need -- from Amazon each year. It's just so much cheaper and easier and quicker to shop online.
7. A deeply spiritual mystic
8. Studied personal finance and investing in order to achieve financial freedom
9. Lived with my ISFJ wife for 16 years before our marriage 9 years ago
10. A top academic student as a youngster, but always received C's in "Citizenship" :laughing:
1. I am a chemical engineer who ended up being a mainframe programmer
2. I am hopeless romantic
3. I love alternative rock and classical music
4. Saying 'no' to people when they ask favors from me is really hard
5. I am a frustrated musician; I tried learning guitar and piano but I can't seem to be good at them
6. I have always dreamt that I will spend the rest of my life living in Europe, specifically in Sweden
7. I love observing people
8. I am a nature-lover; I enjoy watching sunsets, hiking, goofing on the grass, listening to birds...
9. I write poems.
10. I have a terrible fear of heights, but I am really eager to try bungee jumping.
1. I am a mother of 3
2. Two of these children have serious illnesses and/or allergies.
3. I have had my palm read by Hemoglobin and was told that I am yet to reach my potential.
4. People seek me out to tell me their problems, especially the suicidal ones. (if I don't help who will?)
5. I went to 3 different primary schools and 5 different high schools and only went to grade 8
6. I was a model in my teenage years (hated it)
7. I spent some of my childhood growing up in a pub (my father owned)
8. I majored in psych at uni
9. I have a weird cog function which is T and N heavy
10. I am dateless and attract weirdos and mummie's boys.
Procrastination at work means I add another 10 items.

1. I can also read tarot and runes.
2. I get great enjoyment out of interpreting dreams/ poems/ lyrics. Looking for hidden meaning in everything.
3. My cognitive functions have a strange order Ni>Ne>Te>Ti.
4. I spent 2 years as a day patient in a mental institution.
5. I am a high school drop out due to health issues. I resumed my education at 18.
6. I used to be heavily involved in the Goth Subculture in Australia, now I look more like a Stepford wife version of Morticia Addams.
7. My favourite TV shows are - Babylon 5, Earth 2, Star Trek, Stargate SG1, Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis, Big Bang Theory, Myth Busters, Ufo Hunters, True Blood, and anything else involving space ships.
8. I did ballet, figure skating, ice hockey, theater school, choir, tap dance, ball room dancing and Navy cadets growing up.
9. I got the Dux of my grade 2 years in a row in high school. I was meant to be put up a couple of grades but for social reasons my parents and school didn't allow me to.
10. My mother is the biggest feminist but insists I learn to be a lady.
I've thought about doing this. How did you do it? Self study? How did you know where to begin and in what order to learn? Or did you take classes?
8. Studied personal finance and investing in order to achieve financial freedom
OOO! I have that too! Don't cross the road, walk down the street! It's made me quite jaded though...

People seek me out to tell me their problems, especially the suicidal ones.
8. Studied personal finance and investing in order to achieve financial freedom
I've thought about doing this. How did you do it? Self study? How did you know where to begin and in what order to learn? Or did you take classes?
I'm a hobby investor as well, on my way to financial independence (hey, I'm 31, only had a proper job for 3.5 years), as well as a finance professional. Good investing is mostly a matter of don'ts:
-don't invest too much in the same product (so not everything in stocks, not everything in the same stock)
-don't invest in stuff you don't understand
-don't trade too often
-don't make too much costs

The one do is putting in money regularly.

Edited to add: this is not professional advice. Another important don't is:
don't take financial advice from random yokels on the Internet.
1) I'm a picky eater.
2) I've dyed my hair purple, blue, and black.
3) I really really really want a Lamborghini.
4) I've broken the scaphoid bone in my right wrist, and the bottom tip off of my left kneecap.
5) I like art, mostly renaissance and impressionist paintings. Two of my favorites are Two Dancers on the Stage and The Star (Dancer on Stage) by Edgar Degas.
6) The song I have on repeat at the moment is Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.
7) I don't have any friends my own age. They're all a few years younger, or many years older.
8) I've never been on a roller coaster, and I don't ever plan on changing that.
9) My favorite TV shows are Animal Cops and Cold Case Files.
10) I have a horse named Athena, and I spoil her rotten. Her favorite treats are peppermints, and orange fanta pop.
1. I finished a bachelors and two masters by the age of 25
2. I'm a perfectionist
3. I moved countries to learn a language armed only with a post-it note saying I don't speak that language
4. I collect childrens books (Shaun Tan and Oliver Jeffers are my fave authors)
5. I have a collection of giant microbes
6. I like keeping mental lists of different road kill I've seen
7. I am a frustrated writer
8. I take tardiness as a personal insult
9. I read the birth notices to giggle at silly name choices
10. I read the death notices and imagine the life each person led and the people they loved
1.) Devoted and protective husband and father of one adopted son (from state care).
2.) Adept at trick roller skating, that I go do alone on weekends because no one else finds that fun or interesting.
3.) Hobby pen and pencil artist.
4.) Research biomedicine and cellular evolution for fun.
5.) Published several technical database articles.
6.) Would rather read a textbook than a novel.
7.) Struggle to find meaning and purpose.
8.) Avoid all social engagements with regret.
9.) Obsessively aware when someone has a camera, and hide.
10.) Love cheese and pasta, hate meat.
1) I'm going to be a surgical oncologist someday.
2) Reading books make me happy and I get lost in them, it's like the book sucks me in and every word I read takes me into it's word bit by bit. (Even if the book is about math.)
3) I'm addicted to sweets and I seem to be immune to diabetes.
4) I have a weak spot for dogs.
5) I don't leave the house unless I really need to.
6) My psychiatrist confined me in the hospital when I was having extreme bipolar episodes. I escaped.
7) I am obsessed about finding more about my father. He is the greatest mystery to me and everyone.
8) My life used to be pretty dangerous.
9) My mom gave me an iphone as a present. I returned it. I only want what I need.
10) Some agency banned me so I can't work for them. Ever.
That was the song my daughter fell asleep to for the first five years of her life. Special place in my heart for it.
6) The song I have on repeat at the moment is Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.
  1. Moved to Japan in 1996 at the age of 26 for a new experience...still no plans to leave.
  2. Adopted my son a month after my mother died and then adopted a daughter a year after my father died...not a death/life plan, but there are some issues there....
  3. Finishing my doctorate in education...emphasis on teaching English to foreign language learners.
  4. Have published some articles and have done numerous presentations on the above.
  5. Got my B.A. in Creative Writing.
  6. Used to write and read poetry a lot.
  7. My university produced a one-act play I wrote.
  8. I think The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child by Laney and How Children Think and Learn by Wood are beautiful books.
  9. Still a Depeche Mode fan.
  10. Still wear Doc Martens.
Thanks! Definitely going to check these out after reading their synopsis.

Edit: Boom, bought it online already. Having it delivered so I can hide from the UPS person while he/she leaves it on my doorstep.
  1. I think The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child by Laney and How Children Think and Learn by Wood are beautiful books.
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