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I don't really think I complain too much. Sure I complain sometimes, but that's only if there's something I'm really uncomfortable about or, I know this will sound weird, but I sometimes complain to make conservation. If there's an awkward silence I may say something like "I have so much homework." or "I'm tired." Sometimes it's not even true, but it's something that me and the person I'm talking to can agree on or talk about. I don't think it's an ISFJ thing to do that though, more like a weird thing I do.

Overall I don't think I complain too much or more than over types. As Trigun64 said it's more like a people thing than a type thing. (But I do have to say I have an ESFJ friend who seems to complain all the time, but it may only seem this way because I spend so much time with her)
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