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Tendency to Complain?

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I know a few ISFJs who are some of the biggest complainers I know, it's exhausting to be around them and listen to their complaints. Why do ISFJs have a tendency to complain?
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I'm honestly not sure about self-critical complaints; I don't tend to say it, but I know I think it. What kind of things do you mean, Handi? If it's 'I'm too lazy/procrastinating/etc' I can definetely relate XD

I tend to complain amongst only people who I know will sympathise with me; while it's nice to have someone keep me positive, sometimes you want someone to understand, you know? My ISTJ friend is great for this, and we often spend ages on MSN just whining :laughing:

I've found I complain mostly about things I can't change, such as how other people act, or an event that might/might not happen. (Inferior Ne taking over with worst-case scenarios :mad:)

But I agree with the previous posts, if I'm venting to you it's because I trust you enough not to judge me.
I find that when I do complain, they are mostly self-critical complaints. Are other ISFJs like this?
I'd agree with this. I hate to admit it, but when I'm self critical I think that in a way, I do want the sympathy. I want someone to feel bad for me for once. I can't speak for all ISFJs, but I think it might be a common thread that we're always the ones giving the support, and people often don't really show it to the same extent/depth that we do.

That and basically criticizing yourself in front of other people. Being hard on yourself.
Liminality said:
Complaining about things that can change in such a way is deeply uncomfortable.
Agreed. If you can't change it, then it'd be more 'acceptable' to complain about it, since it's out of your control. But with something you can change, I feel as if there's a sort of expectation that you should stop whinging and do something about it!

But thing is, we might not really want to change it. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like having to accept the responsibility for things like that :unsure:

(Yeah, I have a weird type of logic :tongue:)
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