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I find this twitch streamer ( Twitch ) very interesting, particularly when he argues. I want some of you to brainstorm what his MBTI type might be but, of course, it doesn't have to be 100% accurate as this is just for fun.

I will provide some notable videos of him where he is most passionate towards his views on things:

(Warning: long) He argues the negative against coddling children particularly when it comes to weight, he gest very passionate though so beware lol.

He argues with a sociology major about feminism, "Social Justice Warriors," and other socially controversial topics all while playing in a ranked LoL game

He has a rather strange debate with various people about whether aliens would understand our periodic table

He gets mad when a viewer argues whether BMI is a good/bad metric while playing starcraft ladder

Personal views on him aside, what type do you think he might be? Please provide reasons for your answer as well. I can link more clips of him if needed.
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