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The link is dead so I took this test instead:

Enneagram Test Results

You are most likely a type 5.

Your wings seem to be balanced.

Type 5 - 10
Type 6 - 4.4
Type 4 - 4.4

Wing 5w6 - 12.2
Wing 5w4 - 12.2

Wing 6w5 - 9.4
Wing 4w5 - 9.4

Wing 6w7 - 5.4
Wing 4w3 - 4.9


I am a 5 'Counter-Type' which includes rank-n-file 4 and 6 in it. Another way of saying it is that I only let one or two people really close to me, go deep into those relationships, and am not a 'Castle' (envision moat) or a 'Totem' (Networker).

I am the most 'romantic' of the 5s, but that doesn't mean--in this context--roses, candles, chick-flicks which I loathe as much as adventure ones (Imagine American Quilt vs Raiders of The Lost Ark: Hate 'em both).

I knew this before taking the test because of research.

Beatrice Chestnut's break-down of each Enneagram into three sub-types was very helpful; it cleared up any irritation I had about knowing I'm a 5 yet the 'wing' thing never matched.

It doesn't need to with the sub-typing because it's inclusive of the wings.
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