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Actually the more I think about it, the more weird I find it. Why the fuck did they give a quiz before the course starts? What’s the purpose? The questions were pretty technical too. Was it to see student’s knowledge level at the start? They must have known people would google answers by giving the test to be done outside class. Don’t think they’re dumb IT people. Why didn’t they give it in class? I don’t think the results are included in the course grade, since the course hasn't even started yet, so I had no problems helping. I found the whole thing damn unfair to be frank, if it was to filter people out based on what they know. Isn’t the whole point of the course to teach and retrain people? So you only teach people that already know things? Then what’s the point?

Maybe they need a base level though, but then they should have given stuff to read or something beforehand as a refresher too. Quite a few questions were a bit…??? Like vastly different realms. Some were dumbly easy, then some were super hard. Was the test on the course contents? Was the quiz to test google-fu?

It was just super weird lol. Ah, bureaucracy, what would we do without you? They receive funding from the govt too, so maybe it’s to show student improvement or some shit I don’t even know.

So yeah, I’m trying to guess if the quiz was to test what students know before the course starts, and all the questions are taught in the course, and to show improvement. Or if the test is to make sure that is the basic the student knows before entering the course. If it’s the second one, it’s imperative to pick up a computer book. Learning before the course won’t hurt, either way, I think. At least get “the anatomy of the computer” down. Haha.

If I have to make a guess, I would guess it’s the first one, it’s to see what students know before the course, and maybe to structure classes to concentrate on areas that are harder for that batch. Moreso than filtering people out. Cos some of the questions were really wtf.

This is why I hate testing. Are you testing to satisfy some metric from the government to get funding? Or are you testing to make sure students know the minimum? Or are you testing to know what your students know? Or are you testing to teach students and help them learn from their mistakes?

Because with each goal you have to structure a different style of education system, since the grades will vary wildly. I don’t really know if it’s doable to combine all and still be optimal for all.
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