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That moment when

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This is a tread for all those stupid moments you have...

That moment when you get a cobweb in your mouth and you turn into a broken sprinkler.
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That moment when you don't spell check a post and someone calls you out on it.
that moment when someone calls you out and you peer around your room smugly, proclaiming yourself the lizard queen...

(it's stupid, juvenile, but self affirming and sending aneurysms right now into the brains of the mature ones... deep, deep inside you, feel the pain. huzzah!)
That moment when you walk into the wrong class , and sit down pretending that you intended on being there.
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That moment you have a paradox but the exclusion to the paradox is within the paradox itself.
That moment when you loose your keys and rip apart the house only to discover they're in your pocket.
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