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That show for what are all "crazy ideas" of entp vs emotions.. on the example of this boy and cosmic rocket? What do you think of this? what says your Ni?

Image Analysis Leave your family alone in the world to surrender your father due to sudden cardiac arrest. 2. Son of father, you can always find me in the presence of the stars. "(Also because I thought his son could see his father go to the stars) he left a letter that says Blank 3. Son plans to also create a ship go to his father and began studying. 5. mechanical and antique grandfather's help received the main components of the engine reluctantly abandoned 6. my grandfather also warned instead of feasting warned the eldest son to the mother of one son (my mother tried to tie his son eventually can not see the letter of the father) 6. halkkabwa teacher who sleeps baby promises to disappoint me like flies in space pretend his baby to ask for help in space-related organization 7. day has come his son made flying boat should finally start boarding ship 8. cheated By deploying starlight to light in organizations Associated with the space space. 9. But getting sotja ship hit the sky around the people also amazed. Do (the child made a surprise really that the ship can fly.) 10. Grandfather gave the part of the wait staff handeut. 11. The son of the flying ship found the falling star of the Father, and as the ship is feeling the explosion in his father's side..?
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