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The '10s are the new '60s.

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1960s = Interracial Marriage legalized

2010s = Homosexual Marriage legalized

1960s = Unpopular War in Indochina

2010s = Unpopular War in the Middle East

1960s = Many Race Riots

2010s = Many Race Riots

1960s = Pot smoking hippies

2010s = Pot smoking hipsters

1960s = 1968 Nixon Election

2010s = 2016 Trump Election

1960s = Cold War with Soviet Union

2010s = Cold War with Russian Federation

Even in the music industry, I can see some parallels. Music from both decades seems to have a more conscious and less edgy sound than music from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s does.
Best examples of this would be the parallels between bands/artists like the Beatles and Bob Dylan to bands/artists like Twenty-One Pilots and Ed Sheeran.

What do you all think of this?
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Of course the baby boomer would say this :laughing:

Seriously though, do you think their will be any other *revolutions* at some point? Because to me since we are not in any major one now, if things don't change soon then we will be someday.

I have a professor who said that by 2024 America will not be the same at all and our country will be destroyed due to democracies always doing that every 200 or so years and 2024 would be that year. I don't believe that but I do bealive America will not be the same by the time 2050 happens. Which I hope is for the better.
The modern day revolutionary movements in the USA are among the Alt-Right and the Marxist-Left. The status quo are the centrists.
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