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The ability to intuit energy shift too fast

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(Oh no me spam...anyway..)

I realize that I SOMETIMES have this ability to intuit energy shift (a change in the energy between me and somebody) a little too fast. For some reason I ''just know'' that this has honestly scared certain people in real life and online, although I am almost sure everyone has intuitive abilities that high, not all of them have been able to tap into it properly enough yet.

I tend to be quick to detect energy shift between me and a friend, or me and a lover. I can sense annoyance, anger, concern, sadness, love, warmth very quickly even without the use of words or a more established contact. And distance doesn't matter either. And even if I haven't met you in real life, you can't hide from me on the net!

I am aware of this gift but my nagging doubts of self doubt and paranoia always get in the way thus I haven't been able to use it to my fullest advantage. Like I said, my irrational fears get in the way of my objective analysis from time to time and I AM STILL TRYING TO OVERCOME THEM.

Anyway, do you think that is strange?

I had sensed an ex cheating on me almost a month before he told me. I had sensed a sudden breakdown between a person close to me and someone else in his life. I had sensed a sudden rush of concern from a lover and so forth. Sometimes, all in just my room and without actually seeing them.

Oh God. I bared too much of my soul on this forum. It's a good thing nobody I know in real life is lurking around here.
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You were right about me and my supervisor. I can feel energy and others energy but nothing in detail like you. Like I can feel your energy but not anyone that is close to you. You have a gift for sure.
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Thankfully no one I know in real life will ever get to this forum (I hope, I hope, I hope!) Because it's crazy how I bared my soul here. Must be because I sucked in too much of INFP energies :crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy:

Blue butterfly, I wonder if the connection you have with him is on a more...hmm... I-think-on-this-earth-we-could-have-made-each-other-better connection rather than an emotional or immediately instinctive connection. I'm not sure about a solid attraction or depth, just a connection that seems to bring out something warm, fuzzy inside you that you were unaware of before.
Me and my supervisor have a love/hate relationship. We fight like a married couple at times. I think we do have such a strong connection in many areas but we also are opposite in many other ways. I think we both would be better off without each other in our lives because of many reasons. But since our path has crossed we will never forget each other. I have a very confusion relationship with him.
I sense that he has motivated you to be in a better mood than you were many days ago though. He comes off as an angry, dominating, take-charge sort of person but he actually senses softness and you are unconsciously attracted to the fact that you sense he is an understanding person. In his marriage, his wife is more of a best friend than a lover. He feels that you are unique, interesting, attentive towards others and inside him, there's a twinge because he regrets not meeting someone like you before.

I don't know if I'm accurate because I am sleepy..
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(For myself now)

I intuit that something has opened his eyes and he finally understands what I've been suffering all along. A quiet, known understanding. It's okay. Sighs.

I also sense sadness coming from him and I don'
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