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The 'act like a non-INFP thread'

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I stole this idea from other personality types..I know I'm sorry I'm being very unoriginal which is not INFP'ish at all :dry: But wait a minute, that's the point, I'll try and start, hopefully I won't sound unnatural (I probably will, at some point..argh..)

Okay here goes..

You shouldn't put too much focus on what could have been, and what should have been for your life and the world. Putting too much energy into visualizing a better place for the world to be is unhealthy, you cannot move forward wondering about changes that might not even take place. Stop imagining things, or else you would be more impaired with disappointments.

*Now I feel reduced and a bit self-hating lol. I want to run now*
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Fuck, I actually felt bad after posting that bullshit. I'm too much of an INFP'ish to be like that :crazy:

Disregard this thread if it's not useful
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*go to restaurant*
*pick menu up*
*glace at it for 5 seconds*
yes, i'll have a #5.
*Squeal* Like, Ohh MYGAWD~ That is like..... SOOO Omega CuTe♥! You just HAVE to let me do your nails now!
To random person: Bitch stop crying i dont want to hear all that just because your dog died does not mean u can be asking for my help. Now do my f-ing homework!!!

How on earth can people be cruel , I would be that persons pillar of strength in that situation.
I don't know how people can stand reading poetry.

'You my nut, my love'

Hah? Sounds like a fruit
People are so illogical and whimsical, I just hate them!

just go with the crowd. it is better to submit to whatever the majority would have you do, instead of what you want to do, so that you do not suffer any repercussions. sacrifice your personal beliefs to save yourself, they are not as important as fitting in.

Don't these liberal and hippie idiots realise our soldiers are fighting and dying to save their sorry asses? They should be signing up for the military and not being their usual lazy selves, sitting around writing poetry all day and claiming welfare like they always do! If they won't stand with our troops or behind our troops, then they can sit there being lazy or writing poetry in front of them instead!
Idiot, get to the POINT! No, I do not know what's the use of metaphors. What do you mean I'm being judgmental? Hell yes I'm judging. You are equating my experience with my friend to a series of colorful lights. Do I look like a disco to you?..I'm being mean? No, I just don't see why anyone would feel the need to over elaborate their view points in more than six freaking paragraphs, and I didn't even ask about how it relates to how you felt when you first completed your english homework. Stop pretending that you understand and just get to the point.
Im the only person that matters! Oh, im being a narcissist, well screw you
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What..oh it..don't..don't..don't cry..okay, don't cry..don't cry..DON'T CRY! What the hell. Do I look a therapist to you? If you wanted to overreact and cry, please do so elsewhere. I have made it clear from time to time that I do not like talking about feelings, why do I get nutcases trying to find comfort from me anyway? I don't get it. I must work on fixing people like this colder stares.
Why should I participate in this? I just don't care about it. Neither do I care about any of you. Actually, you're all pretty annoying, just whining all the time about life. You piss me off.
Those guys would not stop asking me for my number at that massive party last night. I got so much attention, especially when I put that lampshade on my head.
Man, I'm sick of girls. Why they always keep coming after me? They think I want some serious relationship and some love bulshit. What the hell.
This thread is stupid and gay.

(Okay, just to be clear I would never use the word "gay" with a negative connotation or call someone else's thread stupid, I'm just saying it as an example of something that I would never say. )
acting un infpish
"dude shut the fuck up, quit complaining noone wants to here how you feel, don't fucknig cry, ok fuck it, let's go get drunk and have sex with some sluts!"
God, I hate people like you, who overly explain themselves over and over. I'm not interested in how you feel. No one here is.
This thread is stupid and gay.

(Okay, just to be clear I would never use the word "gay" with a negative connotation or call someone else's thread stupid, I'm just saying it as an example of something that I would never say. )
It scares me how you appear so much more in love with concepts than you are with what's in front of you.

Dramatic personalities are so annoying.
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