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The 'Action Adventure' Mother
ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

"I can't do anything the same way more than one or two times. Today can't be like yesterday. Let's do something different!"

Active and spontaneous, the ESTP mother can turn ordinary life into a fun-filled adventure. She makes dull routines exciting and chores a "let's do it again" kind of game. Her best times are those spent with her children actively doing, particularly if it's spur of the moment, innovative, and unconventional.

Full of energy and enthusiasm for living in the moment, the ESTP mother gives her children every opportunity to experience all that life has to offer—touching, seeing, moving, doing… and meeting people. She's interested in stimulating their senses so they can take life in and live it.

The ESTP mother is matter-of-fact-"what you see is what you get." She mothers without hidden agendas and takes life and people as they are. Her children know where they stand. She is able to develop a close relationship with them based on honesty and a strong family orientation as well as sharing a wide variety of experiences.

The ESTP mom needs a repertoire of activities that balance her need for action and spontaneity with a child's need for downtime. Having intimate talks while walking in the woods or driving around in the car may meet her need for "going" while responding to a child's need for quiet togetherness.
The greatest gift the ESTP can give herself is acceptance of her mothering gifts. She needs to stop comparing herself to the "other" mothers—the ones who seem to keep a smooth-running household, have dinner on the table at 6 P.M. every night, and do laundry on Mondays. The ESTP mother may feel out of step with this more domestic mother, but her love of action and spontaneity make her very much in tune with children everywhere.

Making the ordinary exciting. The ESTP mother is a whiz at creating fun, turning "boring" aspects of day-to-day living into interesting things to do. She may detest making dinner at a scheduled time each day but thoroughly enjoy spending a Saturday with all family members up to their elbows in flour and laughter making homemade ravioli.
Encouraging her children to explore the world. Classes, outings, travel, sports teams, mud puddles, friends—all are to be experienced and enjoyed… and used as opportunities for a child to discover and develop his or her strengths and special interests.
Doing and going with her children… on their level. Action-oriented and constantly on the go, the ESTP mother gets actively involved in what her children are doing. She doesn't just sign them up for football, she goes out and tosses the football with them. She doesn't just listen to their newest CD, she joins in and imitates the rock star.
Flexibility. Easy going and straightforward, the ESTP mother is content to go with the flow and rarely loses her cool. In fact, she thrives on "chaos" and lives a no-strings-attached lifestyle.

Routine. The ESTP mother struggles with household routines: organizing children every morning for school, keeping shopping lists, straightening the house on a regular basis, and cooking dinner every night. Doing the same things the same way day after day may be what some children need to feel secure, but it requires intense effort for the ESTP mom.
Being still. The ESTP mother struggles with the quiet and slow times of family life-sitting down to talk or read with a child one-on-one.
Maintaining focus. The ESTP mother may struggle to see a household task or other routine project through from start to finish. Easily distracted, she will likely drop everything when something else captures her attention.
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