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I was thinking about Andy Warhol's quote:

"In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."
and his followup:

"I’m bored with that line. I never use it anymore. My new line is “In 15 minutes everybody will be famous.”
and I came across a lovely spinoff on Wikipedia:

"On the Web, everyone will be famous to fifteen people"
The internet has a lot of bad points, but I think it is an indispensable tool in our path to the Age of Authenticity. I may not be famous to the whole world, but would I really want that in the first place? I think that's what those 3 quotes imply about society at large. The "glamor" of being a celebrity has been subverted by tabloids and I think, when you look at the communities the internet has built—the ones people truly care about—they occur on a smaller scale.

Certainly, the internet is the most postmodern thing on the planet. The immediate consequence in the west seems to have been to breed a generation more interested in social networking than social revolution. But, if we look behind that, we find a secondary reverse effect—a universal yearning for some kind of offline authenticity [I personally think this is a bit one-sided... there is plenty of authenticity online if you know where to look... and obviously there's a bit of faith in that, but isn't that the case for IRL interactions as well?].
Communities like PerC, for one. Youtube personalities have a direct connection to their audiences and can talk with them on a very personable level (zefrank1, meekakitty, countless gaming channels, etc.). They may not be as famous as, say, Tom Hanks, but the intimacy of their relationship with their audience is much greater.

Actually, the progression of those three quotes gives me a lot of hope: Would you rather be:

1. Famous for 15 minutes in the future? [the brevity of the modern age and internet/television culture]
2. Be famous in 15 minutes? [the speed with which the technological culture brings about fame... Antoine Dodson, Harlem Shake, etc.]
3. Be famous to 15 people? [i.e., social networking can enhance our ability to get to know people on a much more personable level]

I recently learned what hashtags are for (I'm so behind the times:mellow:), so I'll tag some influences (and yes, I realize there's a tag function right below this text box, I'm just being silly).

#AndyWarhol #MarshallMcLuhan #GlobalVillage #Postmodernism #InternetCulture
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