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Last year I found all these tests to help understand self. Before these tests I knew I was very different, now I understand and I know why. This is a good thing trust me.

The INTP weird factor sets us apart ! I have spent 5 years learning how to communicate with another human being, how to read everyone I see, and most importantly understanding someone and being understood.

Self improvement is difficult when life or our path is unknown. What I do know is NEVER EVER stop trying to find new skills, improve your own and understand who you are. The people that give up, live a life of scarcity(especially in their mind). This will be a rough guide I will need many days to try to compile even more nor have I ever written anything like this !

During my years of "research" I learned how to connect with a variety of individuals, find my best friends, understand woman, and even discover myself.

The first step is being positive and having these traits discipline and optimism. The world has enough negativity that has no place anymore. I was a full blown introvert until ages 18-19, then I decided I want to be someone who can really make some changes in the world. I gave up my time to make money and focused on people. I never knew anything like this was possible and I am now a successful sales man. I didn't even kiss a girl until I was 19. I later mastered love(still trying) and have a loving girlfriend that I found a connection with that I did not know was possible.

This is the point if you have made it this far you are the 20% congratulations, I have to warn you it will get controversial. The fascination of mine is now energy. I do not mean energy in the form of food, electricity, engine, I legit mean it in the form of chi, Qi or known as VIBRATIONS. When I am with another human being I can see the aura glow they give off their body. I have mastered reading peoples body language and facial expressions, and seeing the Aura gives me complete control to be persuasive when I need to be. I do not use this in a manipulating sense, I use it to stay away or to understand someone . It truly is amazing. Like I said you can take it with a grain of salt but this is so real its scary.

Now to the guide part ! Where to start off? Everyone has a different aspect of life they need to work on more then others. This guide will apply to many other people, I thought it would be best with my fellow INTP. PM as much as needed. always a pleasure to help !

HEALTH: Walk,run,workout,play sports,chop a tree down, have lots of sex, do anything that make your heart and muscles exercise and improves balance and agility. It will literally give you rushes of dopamine. Depression can be eliminated and you will live longer. Eat healthy, stop eating out, stop with fad diets. Create a lifestyle change.

WEALTH: I do not have enough answers here to fill it out, I am an aspiring entrepreneur(already started an online service business), I am focusing on my hard skills and soft skills to be so good my impression will never be forgotten. Do not live a life of scarcity, reach financial Independence life will be much better. I am sure you can find mentors, partners, or use your brain to figure it out. Google has 99% of answers of needed information I assure you.

LOVE: love yourself(not in a narcissistic way) ,love your family, love your kids, love someone you meet for 1 millisecond. Do not be a hater. Finding someone to live your life with is truly amazing. I have done everything before my relationship and nothing compares to that one . Figure yourself out, and become an amazing person. No man or woman will ignore you. Your looks, quirks, are all solvable or unimportant.

Happiness: This is only achievable ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR HEALTH AT MINIMUM. Close your eyes and visualize doing different activities, when you get excited or start smiling you know it has to be on the list ! Read books, listen to music, play music, enjoy life, appreciate nature, and art. This is so basic its scary how many people live a life of - !

This is my rough outline to start with It took me 15 minutes, it looks terrible, it is down to the point, and I will add more. I just put my first 5% in. Maybe some of you are also not well at reading, id like to make a few podcasts.

How to learn to become a ambivert(intro + extro) is performing reps of few but long social sessions. If you csn learn to keep the conversation going, of course energy will be drained, and this reps practise will help.
Learning the Extraverted skill is easily refined by watching people
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