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I enjoy the notion that there were the same four temperaments even in our ancient history. It gives me a broader insight to the whole of humans(I'm not an NF I swear). It's just awsome to think about because I think about myself as a Phlegmatic... just sounds all badass. But so do all the others and equally.

The first person with these findings was alive around 600BC right? Was the entire temporal lobe in humans developed then into what we find today as cognitive functions? If that's the case, then it proves we didn't evolve from monkeys, because monkeys would have this feature, or at least the potential. I do not personally believe we evolved from monkeys because I'm a huge scientific creationist(I will post my reasons on a thread some other time).

I'm not trying to debate on if animals have temperament, BECAUSE THEY DON'T!!! I want to know what people think on the idea that our...

Idealists or NFs = Their Choleric
Artisans or SPs = Their Sanguines
Rationals or NTs = Their Phlegmatics
Guardians or SJs = Their Melancholics

It's just badass to me. Were they real/present? Did they go through the same problems we do today? Are we the most advanced version of our ancient origins, or were they the superior?

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My post is probably loosely related at best, but the Hippocratic humors/temperaments remind me a lot of vedic medicine's Ayurveda.

Both have a basis in physical attributes but also have associated personality traits.

There are only three doshas/types in Ayurvedic medicine, though.

Vata -Air and Ether
Pitta -Fire and Water
Kapha -Water and Earth

There seems to be a dimension of body types associated with the doshas, also. Generally, Vata seems to be related to the ectomorph, Pitta to mesomorph, and Kapha to endomorph.

Is it a stretch to say that Pitta would be Choleric, Vata Sanguine, and Kapha Phlegmatic?

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I don't think the ancient temperaments were the same as Keirsey's.

I think a better model would be this. Criticism accepted.

Choleric = Te and Fe dominants.
Sanguine = Ne and Se dominants
Melancholic = IxFx
Phlegmatic = IxTx

Last two are difficult to define. Both can be both at times.. Insights welcomed.

If we did this by style..
Choleric = Contributors
Sanguine = Exhorters
Melancholic = Mercies and Percievers
Phlegmatic = Teacher and Server

Facilitators can be any of them as far as I know.
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