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My "anti-type" is type 9.
I'm not a true peacemaker, I'm not accepting and stable, I don't want everything to go smoothly and without conflict. I need change and inspiration, not preservation of what is. "Peace and harmony", to me, sounds like "grey and boring".
I don't deny I'm an angry person, in fact, rage vitalizes me. When I embody my anger, I am in full control of myself, totally true to myself.
I'm not a doormat, I love attention.
I hate passivity, I am a passionate person. I am lusty for life. I make love like it's the last time I'd make it, and then I do it again.
I hate anything average, I need my extremes. May I never be content.
I will never turn a blind eye to all the bad that is this world.
I am disappointed in the human condition, I am frustrated with society. I voice my frustration.
I am not unshakable; cut me and I bleed.

Fuck my ego.

My "core type" is t̶y̶p̶e̶ ̶9̶ type 4.
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