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Everything you do is an act of creation. Whether you're renovating your house, writing a book, or working on your business, whatever you do is something that you create. From making your daily schedule to planning your life path, you, like the rest of us, make plans and act on them.

What most people don't know is that we each have a unique way of going from idea to reality. Your creative process is not random, and it's not the same as everyone else's. What's more is that there is an objective, scientific way to discover your creative process, to reveal the pattern behind your Personal Process of Creation. This method is called the Harmony Analysis, and it involves an in-depth testing procedure of the Visual Design Elements present in your face, in order to determine your Personal Harmony Pattern.

The Harmony Patterns were discovered by Rebel Holiday in the 1980s, from her research into the Munsell Color System and its correlations with the other Visual Design Elements, such as line, shape, and texture. She discovered that the Visual Design Elements were all connected together in one system, and were never haphazardly jumbled together in Nature - including humankind! - but rather, harmoniously combined in a coherent, holistic pattern.

Working with over 6,000 clients over 30 years, Rebel discovered another aspect to the Harmony Patterns - they don't simply connect the visual aspects of a person, but also the psychological characteristics that make up one's personality. This work into the Energetics of the Harmony Patterns was the source of the discovery of the Personal Process of Creation.

You can learn more about the Personal Process of Creation and the history of the Harmony System, watch the interview below that I recently did with an old friend of mine, the psychologist and life coach Christina Mattschei. If you are interested in discovering your Personal Process of Creation, what the challenges are that people of various Harmony Patterns face in their creative endeavors, and the keys to overcoming these challenges, then join me on Thursday for a live show that Christina and I are hosting called The Art & Science of the Creative Process. We will be showing replays throughout the day and on Friday. We welcome all those who are interested in psychology, creativity, and the universal human search for knowledge!

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