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Why am I remembering this now? I don't know. But I disgress... I remember some kind of event in a town nearby. The "Cantaura Fair". It was religious natured -celebrations for the Virgin of the Flame, one of the many reported sightings of Virgin Mary-, and despite everything I have the fondest memories of these.

I was no older than ten, and there was some kind of magic about these fairs, at least back then. It felt like going to another entirely different world, with merchants and games and various spectacles. I remember the "coleos", some kind of sport which involved chasing a bull while on horseback to stop him and bring him down, mostly by grabbing his tail. To be honest I wouldn't support it anymore, as the poor buls were constantly whipped too needlessly, but I was a dumb kid and I didn't mind back then.

More positively I remember the playgrounds. The fair was in a sports complex of some kind, and there were various playgrounds. Of course I liked to slide down, play with other childrens and roll down the grassy hills, nto worrying about anything but that moment. I also remember the (overpriced) stands, althought cotton candy and other sweets were always a given. I even remember the processions related to the fair: Bringing the Virgin to the church. I'm not a religious person anymore but there was at least some sense of belonging there. Which is lost now.

I once remember a concert, I didn't care, but it was still kind of cool. It was 3 AM and the fair was still bustling with activity... now, I'm not sure if that's still the case today. I think the fair is still done -once a year-, but I'm sure the magic is now lost. Whatever, we all grow up.
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