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Dear Blog :tongue:

Another Debug/review code Sunday, good thing is after telling off some of the staff they now actually document their work flow which in effect leads to better results.

Should have told them off way earlier come to think of it, would have saved me a LOT of frustration.:dry:

And seeing how a certain fruity company just had a DevCon in which they talked about their "new" programming language which will be able to co-exist inside the current environment.:rolleyes:
We (well me anyway) now have to investigate what this will mean for us in the long run.

Bah, need to invest more into a R&D department in the near future, getting tired of surfing the web in search of "new info" in order to come up with/adapt a strategy.

Instead of rattling away at a keyboard actually building stuff.:sad:

A well as long as "we" make payroll/stay in the black, I'm happy for now.
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