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The little chicken grew up on a chicken farm, and has never been outside.

Little Chicken: I want to feel the wind
Chicken 2: What is the wind?
Little Chicken: I had a dream, where the wind is something that brushes up against your feathers, and you feel the coolness in your ears
Chicken 2: What have you been eating?
Little Chicken: I have also dreamed of the sunset
Chicken 2: What is the sunset?
Little Chicken: There is a giant orb floating above, and it goes from one side to the other side. Sunset is where it goes into the ground on the far side
Chicken 2: That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard
Little Chicken: Then I will stop talking
Chicken 2: You have funny dreams, it's too strange for me
Little Chicken: I know, I know
Chicken 2: You know, I hope to one day see what you said as well
Little Chicken: You do?
Chicken 2: Yeah, I have dreams too. I dream of something green on my feet, and there is small grains called dirt-soil. There is also the sound of flowing water, called a stream
Little Chicken: Wow, that sound amazing
Chicken 2: Yeah, and I want to fly onto a tree branch too
Little Chicken: What's a treebranch?
Chicken 2: It's something green that's tall and thin, with sticks sticking out
Little Chicken: Wow, that's interesting
Chicken 2: Yeah......

The two chickens stare ahead, as if in a trance of memories past

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It seems more like a one-act play.
Thank you for the comment. Here is part 2:

Little Chicken had a dream one night.

Little Chicken: Who are you? You are so beautiful!
Faerie: I am a Faerie
Little Chicken: What is a Faerie?
Faerie: I am a caretaker of the Earth
Little Chicken: What is Earth?
Faerie: Earth is where you and I are
Little Chicken: It's the Here and Now?
Faerie: Yes, yes it is
Little Chicken: What do you want?
Faerie: I want you to fulfill your dream of seeing the sunset, and feeling the wind
Little Chicken: Those are real?
Faerie: As real as you and I
Little Chicken: How do I see them?
Faerie: In time, you will be taken from this farm, and be driven to the marketplace. However, a car wreck will occur, and you will be one of the lucky ones to survive.
Little Chicken: I don't understand any of this
Faerie: You don't have to, just know that everything will be all right
Little Chicken: Will I ever see you again?
Faerie: I will always be by your side, and I have one request from you
Little Chicken: Which is?
Faerie: That you will bless everything in your life for the rest of your life, and give thanks for all the blessings.
Little Chicken: Is that all?
Faerie: Whenever you perceive lack, remember there is plenty.

Little Chicken drifts into his slumber, and wakes up the next morning without a memory of the dream.

The day happened that the Little Chicken was sent on a red truck, and driven away to the marketplace. The car crash did happen, and Little Chicken was set lose on the road.

Little Chicken wondered around for his buddy, though couldn't find him, so he wandered off.

Little Chicken arrived at a nearby house with a bird and squirrel and raccoon feeder.

Little Chicken: Wow! Just when I was hungry!

Little chicken goes to the feeder and pecks at the nuts and grains.

Kid: Look Mommy! There is a chicken at the feeder!
Mommy: Wow, indeed! Look honey, there is a chicken!
Dad: Wow, haven't seen that before.
Kid: Can I keep him!
Mommy: It's probably dangerous for it to be out at night, so let's bring the chicken inside.

The father goes to pick up the chicken, and brought it to the house.

Later that day, the family learns of the crash, and that the farmer is looking for his chickens.

The father gave the farmer a call:

Dad: Hello, we have a chicken that belongs to you.
Farmer: Thank you so much for calling us. What time can we come to pick it up?
Dad: Our kid loves the chicken, and would like to have it as a pet
Farmer: Oh, I have already sold it to the market
Dad: Yes, though we will pay you, just name a price. Our kid has grown attached to the chicken.

The Farmer thought about it, and names a price three times what the market paid. The father accepts, and paid, in which the Farmer then wrote the chicken off as a loss.

The chicken grew to enjoy many days at the house, free and well. The family took the chicken camping, and the chicken got to see the sunset, enjoy the grass and soil, hear the gurgling stream, and gaze at the trees. Little Chicken lived for a good many years, and passed away peacefully, with a deep knowing to bless and give thanks for all that he has.

The Williamson family that adopted the chicken bought another chicken soon after, and it became a family tradition to keep a chicken as pet. A picture of Little Chicken with the family is still in the family picture album.
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