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I've ranted on this before. :p

The thing about these matches is that they are all anecdotal. First, there aren't enough typed people in any given population (let alone accurately typed) to find an unbiased sample size of people to ask about their dating preferences. If I know 10 ENFPs and all of them date INTJs, that may seem like enough to make a generalization... However, if I rephrase it, you'll see the problem with that logic. "There are 10 oak trees near where I live and all of them have a red squirrel. Therefore all oak trees have red squirrels."

We're wired to see patterns and to make connections, but there isn't enough data to make those broad, sweeping statements.

Second, compatibility is a deceptive term. Even if the data was there, it can only prove success rates of type matches; it does not prove that X works best with Y. It means certain combinations are more likely to occur. X has a % chance of longterm success with Y.

Third, there are other factors at play. Experience, environment, social roles, cultural expectations, etc can determine what a person will find appealing in a mate.

Ultimately, there are strengths and weaknesses to every pairing, and individuals are not identical within the type. One INTJ may be a great match where another INTJ might be a horrible match because of variations in temperament and how they approach the world.
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