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To give some slight background before I post these, I only say it's a "cycle" because I will post them in order they are written, but because of the breakup, my mental/emotional attachment to this human being has been converted to more like the first poem written than the last one written. However, I have changed to be a little less bitter, but I still refuse to utter her name, for fear of returning old ghosts to my life that are best left in the dark. As a measure of changing from philosophical/personal to more poems, I am going to use this as a chance to get out a bit of both in one.

The Pain of Love
You crushed it and broke it,​
I’m erased, thrown inside my pit.​
Erasing five years of progress,​
Emotions cave and digress.​
Reverting to something old,​
And so very bitterly cold.​
Like the snow and winter’s kiss,​
You’re love, for sure, I’ll never miss.​
You hurt me; I hope you hurt to,​
No more will I say that I love you.​
You are a black rose upon my heart,​
A scar on my soul I’ll never part.​
You are poison in my veins,​
Horse runs wild along the plains.​
I give to you a blackened rose,​
And this piece of bitter prose.​
Burn my pain into your soul,​
Until you break losing all control.​
Let my name be poison too,​
To know how much I despise you.​
For what you did I’ll never forgive,​
All I can do now is continue to live.​
Goodbye, forever, I wish not speak your name,​
You’re better off a nun, you will never change.​

Joy of Love
Eyes like circles in eternity,​
My love burns hot for only thee.​
Seeing love in your dark eyes,​
Love so strong makes strong men cry.​
Given you my heart and soul,​
Love for you I cannot control.​
Consuming flame of romance and desire,​
Out of control like strong wildfire.​
Long haired brunette, my darling love,​
Floating free in skies above.​
Beautiful just like a dove,​
So this is what is called love.​
Your smile forever brightens days,​
Enchanting, charming with your ways.​
You gave me a brand new start,​
So to you I gave my heart.​
Thump, thump goes on my love for you,​
Know to you I’ll always be true.​
Oh my darling sweetest dear,​
With you, nothing I fear.​
Held you in my heart forever,​
Time with you I shall treasure.​
One day to become my wife,​
Spending all the rest my life.​

The first poem was written after being broken up with right before Christmas and my Birthday in 2008, and I wrote it ON my Birthday, right before taking the next 3 days to drown in a 2 liter bottle of Jack Daniel's I bought myself for my birthday/New Year's. The second was written as a delayed birthday gift after we got back together, right around her birthday, and the old feelings of caring for her, were rekindled amid the naivete of a man wishing for the best after seeing three times over that the best failed. Truth be told, I am hoping i never have to re-live this cycle again, but it's best to admit I have my doubts of personal strength should she find me over the summer break, talk to me, and rekindle my affections once more...I am a true hopeless romantic sometimes, for better or worse.

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so beautiful you are. i read the other post about the letter, and now these...and i think i require a tissue box beside me! tee hee

i never cry, and i have become rather heartless and empty over the past few years, so to see such emotion expressed in purity, makes me wonder again about love.

there will be someone new, some lucky girl will get to enjoy your company, when you are finished school or something :)
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