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The Daily Journal


By clicking on this thread you are required ,by INFP law, to completely read the content within this thread. And follow the directions given...

Hello my INFP friends/Associates, my name is.....never mind. Just Post your Journel entries here ONCE a day for aslong as this site it up, or as long as you live.

The purpose to doing so, is for character development. Doubtfulyl, I'm the only one who feels misunderstood or alone use this thread to express our deepest throughts, fears, pain, over-exaggerated misery, and self-lothing-ness here.

As the OP, I'll do the honors of sharing my most recent Journel entry....which was a poem....blah

When Raindrops form Puddles

Anger in the depths of the Earth, underneath the feet of men.
Clawing up, it gives birth, to hands..

Unknowingly we trample over them.....
Succumbing to the grief inflicted...

Screaming out in pain!

Teardrops, like raindrops, falling down, forming puddles....
Growing into a sea on anxiety...

Waves rushing over lands, destroying homes and watering down dreams...

Creating a world of acceptance, confusion, and doubt...

Post your journel entries!
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