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It's a beautiful book.

Not sure if anyone has read it, but I was honestly saying "This is my favorite book. This is my favorite book" while reading it, and I wonder if anyone else has come into contact with this weird little Canterbury Tales precursor.

Some of the characters gave me definite personality vibes. Okay, just a few of them, but...

Pampinea - Xe - dom. I want to say Fe-dom, but she's got that spark that makes me wonder if she isn't Te or Se. I think she's got to have some Se in her - and a lack of Si - but not sure if Se is her dom function or not.

Philomena - Sorry, but she strikes me as an ISFJ. Maybe an ESFJ, but that Si has got to be pretty high. She got to be a sweet girl once she stopped being the manifestation of "internalized misogyny"

Neiphile - maybe ISFP or ESFP? Fi something, maybe

Dineo - "the most engaging of all the men, and something of a wit" ENTP, no? Possibly ESTP I suppose
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