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Vipassana Meditation and Metta meditation is nothing like hypnosis. The goal for Vipassana is insight and then freedom from desiring different outcomes which cause suffering, and this can only be achieved by oneself, 'do the work, sit on the cushion or seiza bench, et cetera and pay bare attention to what is passing, changing...'

Hypnosis is turning oneself over to another person, and in the wrong hands, the one doing the hypnotizing can do damage, pushing a person further, faster--and possibly for personal gain, than the person can handle with Vipassana done with gentle diligence, and in conjunction with Metta so whatever comes up, the meditator takes an observant, non-judgmental, aware approach to it.

I meditate using Vipassana (Insight) and Metta (loving-kindness) meditation, daily--only Metta if I am injured.

I've never been hypnotized; I would not relinquish control to another person; too much like Higher Power, Savior and cultish behavior to my mind, from my experience.

Self-hypnosis, from what I've read, is mainly for relaxing, dealing with anxiety, 'feeling good' for a time, then repeat. Vipassana is going to feel, at times, relaxing, and to go deeper, one needs to gain some control over 'Monkey Mind' (thoughts flap-jacking about) but the goal isn't relaxation.

Just some thoughts. I'm sure others have their own viewpoints to share, or already have done so.
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