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Thanks, BhodiTree! That was a cool read.

Of course, there are groups of people in both East and West that don't fit these categories. And, especially when it comes to indigenous peoples, the West isn't always very Westerly.

My dad's family is more like the red squares, but those roots are more indigenous. My mom's side of the family is close knit but definitely there with the cars and beer. I took care of my grandmother for a year, and she lived with use for a few before she died.
I am from the South though, so that kind of throws a lot of things out the window, society wise. I can see the similarities between most of the western world and the Germany representations. Although, South America is more like the red squares too.

Maybe this should have been titled, "The difference between most of the East and most of Europe in pictures". And where does Africa fall? Are they East or West? I never really understood the West, East thing. Is it only Northern hemisphere?
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