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We, NFs, are called the Dreamers because of our lucid expectations about the future or optimism towards life's possibilites and even though it isn't in the literal sense of the world, I think it would be interesting to gain a perspective of how our ''real'' dreams are since we have dominant/secondary feeling/intuiton. I'm just curious to see if our dreams can be crazier and more vivid than the general person's. :laughing:

The last dream I remember the details (only because I wrote it down when I woke up :p) is the following:

I was watching Fringe but I could only see the screen and there were two persons (the blond and the other guy). Suddenly I hear my mom's voice telling me the series' finishing for good and both characters disappear as smoke in the air like the Death Eaters in Harry Potter. They materialize in a mall but instead of two, there's three people materializing: a friend of mine from NYC called Luke, a snobbish guy I don't like and a friend of him (who later is ''transformed'' in another guy I know). We were going to the toilets area and I ask Luke what was he doing there and he tells me he's there to record the next 4 seasons (I had dreamed before the series was ending). I proceed to ask the snob the same and he answers me that he will only be recording a season (with an arrogant tone). Then I ask Luke to give me his phone number (we were in front of a elevator) and I hear my mum calling me. Suddenly, all his class appears from nowhere and the guys I knew had already disappeared. They are heading to outdoor the mall and I run towards Luke so he could give me his phone number. Everyone looked very depressed and there was an actor who was in ''Veronica Mars'' (recorded in L.A). I was trying to digit his phone number on my cellphone but it wasn't working because I was writing letters instead of numbers. He told me to calm down because I was worried about my mom since we were foreigners in NYC and I had to head to the mall again. He goes to his backpack and gives me his pen (which in real life is mine) and I try to write his number in my hand but I write my area code instead of his. Then, the pen starts failing to write. I wake up.

Why the hell would someone have a study visit to a mall? Looool.

I hope you enjoyed the idea and had a good laugh with my story. :crazy:
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