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Last night's dream was a long one, and I have a very detailed recollection of it.

The first thing I remember is that I was walking to the isolated classroom building across the street from my university campus. Normally, I used to enter through the back door when I was coming from the east and enter through the front door when I was coming from the west, but I was coming from the east and ended up taking the long way towards the front door. My first upper division fiction writing professor and a few students of his were carrying crates full of water bottles near the front entrance, so I sped up so I could hold the door for them. By the time I caught up with them, an unfamiliar young woman was already holding the door for them. She held the door for me as well.

The professor and his students were waiting for the elevator, but I took the stairs because I didn't want to bother my professor if I were to say hello to him. I walked to my most recent poetry workshop class, but it was in a different classroom than usual. It was the second-farthest classroom along the right hallway when it used to be the nearest one along that same corridor. Some of my classmates were there and had already begun rearranging the tables, so I decided to join them. My work, however, was always taken apart and redone.

I hadn't noticed, but my most recent poetry professor had been watching us the entire time. She finally made her presence known and told everyone to arrange the tables in the way that I had been arranging them. I arranged the middle row, set my backpack in the middle of one of the two-person tables (as though I was saving a seat for myself and someone else), and left the classroom to use the bathroom because I had exactly 4 minutes before class started.

I walked back up the corridor, but I didn't feel like I was going anywhere because it kept getting longer. I picked up a jog and made a little more headway, but the corridor kept expanding. The corridor stopped expanding when a tall young woman appeared at the end of the hallway. She was wearing earbuds, carrying a stack of papers, and looking down at the ground with a rather vexed expression on her face. I ran the rest of the way while looking at her to see if she was indeed my friend/crush. She was. When I neared her, I quietly said her name and waved at her. She perked up, removed her right earbud, and waved back at me. She told me that she was going to be a couple minutes late to class because she had to sort some things out. I slowed down a little but kept jogging and said, "That's okay. I really have to pee and probably won't make it back in time. See you in a couple minutes!"

With that, I walked into the ladies' room at the end of the building. Nobody was in there, so I went into a stall. Rather frustratingly, someone would enter the bathroom right before I'd start to relieve myself, so I'd wait until they left. I also started my period in the dream, but the blood was brighter than usual. (I'm not on my period IRL, so that element of the dream was not linked to my current physical condition.) I eventually finished up and washed my hands, but a bunch of male security guards were loitering by the exit. One of them catcalled me as I tried to brush past the group.

I ran back to class, but the corridor had shortened back to its usual length. The classroom was dark, and an anime movie was playing on the projector. I looked around and saw that my friend had taken one of the seats where I left my backpack, and she had put my backpack on the chair next to her, so I took that seat. I don't remember what the movie was about, but the characters made a bunch of really cute expressions when they were being melodramatic. My friend was really into it; she looked at the screen with laser-focus and would only break her expression to giggle at the characters. I noticed that the professor wasn't in the room, so I told my friend that I was going to leave again, but I'd come back. She said that she was okay with it, so I left.

I walked to the final classroom along the hall and peeked inside. All of the creative writing professors were watching a film about emergency boat evacuations at sea. The actors in the film looked an awful lot like my local cousins. The older female cousin was always performing the correct actions while my male cousin set the bad example (I don't think the younger female cousin was in it at all). The professors were also discussing something related to me, but I don't remember what they said. My first upper division poetry writing professor saw me through the window on the door and waved at me. I ducked out without waving back to him and returned to class. I sat in the professor's seat for a little while, and then I sat next to my friend again. The professor entered the room and shut off the movie. She told us that we were free to go.

My friend asked me if she could go home with me, and I said yes. Even though the drive to my parents' house is just under 2 hours from the university, the drive was quite short in the dream (and I only remember passing the local businesses, farmland, and housing developments within 3 miles of my parents' house).

When we went inside the house (which looked exactly like it does in real life), my friend decided to lie down on the shorter couch in the living room. She looked around at the decor of the house with the same facial expression she had while watching the anime movie, and she seemed quite pleased. I walked over to my bearded dragon's vivarium and heard an infernal racket that sounded like marching band practice at my high school. My father came into the kitchen, and I asked him when the school made the brilliant decision to start practicing right outside. He gave me an odd look and said that they had always been practicing there. I told my friend, "Well, as you can tell, my high school's marching band kind of sucks. But, you know, it is [my hometown]..." She giggled at that but didn't say anything in reply. I then asked her if she wanted to pet or hold my bearded dragon, and she said that she'd like to hold her.

I took my bearded dragon out of her vivarium and woke up while I was carrying her over to my friend.

The strange thing about the dream was that I used an expanding-corridor-dream simile in a conversation about that same friend yesterday...
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Me and the leader of the group broke off from the group since there were zombies approaching our location. :oops:

We entered into these very narrow passage ways and hallways but... there were a bunch of zombies here. :eek:

Somehow despite there being only space for 1 and a half persons me and the leader managed to bypass the zombies without being scratched.

However, the exit was locked! :eek:

Thankfully the leader coincidentally had the key and scrambled to open the door. I thought we would be screwed. o_O

We regrouped with the rest of the group by the doors of several green elevators. The dream didn't progress beyond that.

The next dream me and someone else entered this elevator which was not entirely related to the first dream.

Here I remember Hana or Yoko-san telepathically speaking to me and they thought I was sweet. 🥰

I don't quite remember my answer to her thoughts. I did respond with something. o_O

There wasn't much to this short segment.

There was also something to do with Yoko-san's opinions on something. I remember asking her how timid she was on doing certain activities.

On a scale of 1-10 she rated the activities accordingly.

She was relatively shy on this 'normal' activity and rated it around 3-4. My favorite activity was rated 5-6 sadly. :oops:

Anyways, the last dream was two women were teasing some of us at the hut. We were in a plane of infinite white and there was half knee high water. Um... Was this the infinite plane??? :oops:

So these women must be entities or deities of some kind. They were dressed in white as well.

I could only remember me, my squire boy, and my sister being there.

One woman was nearby my squire boy while the other was near my sister.

The one near my sister remarked how she was a dumb overstudier which was quite mean, but then again my sister does study way to much to the point she is stressed. :oops:

She then came over to me and was right behind me.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and said that I shouldn't 'tank' (tank term meaning = take most if not all the damage for the party or just flat out taking damage and shrugging it off) everything by myself. :oops:

...She then said suggestively that I especially couldn't 'tank' her. o_O

She seemed to be quite keen to me, but both women took interest in my squire boy who had the power to change fate? :oops:

The woman by him was most drawn into him while the lady behind me was curious.

Apparently we extinguished the flame that keeps producing zombies.

My squire boy was quite at it while I played a more supporting role.

And that was all I could remember for tonight. :)

heh heh heh 🥰

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I had a shocking realization that I do not achieve lucidness in my dreams of my own free will but rather... that she allows me to only to take away my lucidness shortly after. :oops:

In this dream I was going into an optometrist place and for some reason I started to ask the two women I was following that they were aware that they were in a dream or were characters in a dream. I also went around accusing the other women here who seemed to be optometry students the same idea.

They either politely rejected the assumption, stayed silent, or feigned ignorance. o_O

I guess I got frustrated and I threatened almighty Kaede that I would begin to lucid dream since I am partially aware that I was in a dream. :oops:

I actually did gain some awareness and the dream shifted into my first person view and my own consciousness was partly in the dream since I was not fully inside yet. Things were somewhat still hazy.

I pinched myself on my left arm pretty hard and I couldn't feel the pinch and I was now aware of my state in this dream.

However, like usual, I do not have full lucid powers but only awareness sadly.

I proceeded with one of my experiments to bait her into doing something.

Problem was I forgot what my original planned experiment was.o_O

Was I suppose to go crazy and uncontrollable? Give up or something? I thought I did that one already? Do I hurt myself???

I went with the first option which ironically was kinda stupid of me. :oops:

I'm sure for lucid dreaming you have to remain calm so I made her job a whole lot easier. :cautious:

She waited for me to I guess tire out before an optometrist student in her 20s came over to me to explain this program I can sign up to help retain my vision.

I unfortunately took the bait like an idiot and at this point I was slowly being integrated back into the dream where I belong... :cry:

Plus she was friendly and genuinely wanted me to know about this health maintenance program. 😆

A whole bunch of female optometry students also appeared sitting in the long tables in rows waiting for class to start for some reason. I didn't notice them before?

I would given these special glasses to test my vision for me to record on this sheet. They were quite hard to use though. o_O

Her instructor came over and she was older and somewhere in her mid 30s or early 40s. She said something that I could go onto an upgraded version of this program where they would give me another set of special glasses but the difference was it was easier to see through these.

However, if I marked my results wrong on the sheet I would receive a penalty academically.

I remember talking to another instructor and she was the around the same age as the instructor I met before. I believe she was the head department optometrist. I don't quite remember my last interaction in the dream however.

I can't believe my experiment into cognition failed. 😪

But honestly I don't have much other options on what experiment to conduct. But if another opportunity presents itself I may hurt myself... :devilish:

I mean, all I do is go to the nearest wall and sit there in surrender and start lightly tapping my head into the wall. :ROFLMAO:

Anyways, the last dream was... I saw the symbol again from a recent dream before that I did not mention. :eek:

It was drawn by a little girl at the workshop me and my squire boy used to work at. It was a little different but my dream self recognized it as the symbol before.

It was the symbol that the world was dying. :eek:

Before we head to that specific point in the dream we will go back a little.

My mother was driving all of us in this crazy snow storm that also had this unnatural spooky darkness. Both the snow and the darkness made visibility super poor even with the bright lights on the car.

We were trying to make it back to the hut through the thick and deep snow.

Despite going at least 60-80mph the snow really slowed us down.

We were all nervous in the car since it was some treacherous outside.

I told my mother to be really careful driving since we could crash into something.

For some reason it became day and the snow stopped?? o_O

That was when we could see this gigantic pillar of smoke in the distance similar to that of a volcano erupting.

We were curious and drove towards it and it turns out the smoke was coming from the workshop. :oops:

The smoke was coming from a rectangle or square hole at the back of the workshop. The hole was closed but there was an outline a rectangle or square.

The little girl appeared and drew into the snow the symbol. :eek:

The hole opened up and I could see fire...

I believe the thick smoke cloud was a mixture of methane and CO2 if I were to have a guess. I think you know where this is going.

...I guess we are really borrowing time. :cry:

And that was all I could remember for today. 🙂

Oh, I guess there was something about these three female students who wanted to borrow my backpack since it was so pretty even though it is my sister's bag but ironically she does not own any backpack like that in real life... and there was also something about my friend asking what this little foldout booklet was and that booklet was a just a little personalized insert for a Force of Will water deck. Water is really my element nowadays. I can also be light or wind as well. 🙃

heh heh heh 🥰

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Me and my squire boy were playing this game called 'Pink'? o_O

I am not sure how to describe this game but it was really fast paced.

Hmmm.. Interestingly in this next dream I was partially fused with Kaede. :oops:

Like I was still me but half of me roughly was mixed with Kaede. Example being like I had half of her face, her left arm, and her black long hair.

So at this point I'm progressing into this next phase? o_O

Kinda like how I infused myself with both Hana and Yoko-san by understanding them both (aspects of myself and the dark respectively resembled by each). I am not quite sure what Kaede resembles since she is the most mysterious one.

I was also chasing my squire boy. The police tried to stop him but for some reason they accidentally stunned gunned me instead. o_O

Realizing their mistake they brought me back to the hut.

And that was all I could remember for tonight. :)

heh heh heh 🥰

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I remember that last night's dream was long and complicated, but my recollection of it isn't very comprehensive.

My family was moving into a new house (even though we initially lived in my grandfather's house in the dream), but I don't remember much about the new house; it was small and had mostly beige tiled floors, but that's about all I can remember. There was supposedly a lizard infestation in the house, and my mom asked me to get rid of the lizards humanely. I only remember seeing two lizards, though: a Cuban brown anole that escaped on its own and a bright blue Tokay gecko hiding under a footstool. The Tokay gecko crawled up my arm and stayed there for a long time. I let it outside, but it kept climbing back onto my forearm. After some time, I decided to let the gecko stay on my arm.

At one point, I was also playing a video game that took place in some sort of candyland. I don't remember that much of it, but my surroundings were mostly pink, and I zip lined over a syrup river at one point. I came across a bunch of enemies that looked like spiders, but they didn't harm me and looked kind of cute, so I spared them. The final boss was a giant green cobra. I ended up defeating the snake but not killing it, and I couldn't proceed because I let the snake live, so I wanted to restart the level. Then my brother then told me that I could have killed the spiders if I wanted to bypass the snake. I restarted the level but decided that I still didn't want to kill the spiders.
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I was waiting in the car for my squire boy who went into Superstore to get something.

I was just waiting until my perception ability kicked in which was a yellow/orange flash to my right of my vision that told me that there was a threat not in my view. :oops:

I looked over to see a car drove in to park. Out of the car was a lot of Asian guys with sunglasses. It seems they were looking for someone.

Another car pulled onto the left and a bunch more Asian guys with sunglasses exited the car. o_O

They did not exactly know who the target was and they went off to look for the target but little did they know... I believe I was the target and they just walked by me. :oops:



Anyways, later on I was in the Superstore with my squire boy and we were looking for cheap or discounted stuff for my mother like this washing mop that was suppose to be for I think 29-35$, but it was on sale for 5-8$.

At the checkout I was waiting behind my squire boy who had his own stuff he checked out first.

Soon there was this peculiar woman approaching me from behind...

She was short in height and was dressed in all black and also had long black hair...

She was also very very pale like a ghost. :oops:

I wasn't afraid of her though.

She went past the few people behind me and when she approached me she stopped.

She then placed her hand on my left arm briefly to which it meant symbolically, "Excuse me sir, can you move over a bit so I can get through?".

I looked over to see a short woman with a large bag of pet food for a cat and I moved over a bit for her to go through. I wasn't afraid of her though but it seems like I was familiar with this lady.

She went ahead of me and past my squire boy and out of sight somewhere... 👻

Anyways, that was all I could remember. :)

...I didn't know that Yoko-san can be a ghost whenever she wants. :oops:

She is a rather odd individual sometimes. o_O

heh heh heh :giggle:

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This dream was like a family gathering of sorts where people from the same culture gather. There were families, relatives, and families that were not apart of our family here in this large banquet hall.

Sadly for this night I couldn't remember much since um... the dragon queen has been bugging me all night. :oops:


Anyways, I showed off my swordsmanship and I noticed a particular woman sitting by herself at a table by the side of the hall.


...It was Hana. :eek:

And I don't remember much but I did interact with her briefly. But from what I can remember based on feeling fragments that it was a good interaction. We probably chatted about something in those 10-20 seconds roughly. :)

The last dream I can remember was me meeting this really beautiful woman.:oops:

I believe her name was princess Reiya?

She was quite robust but I won't get into the details. :ROFLMAO:

Um. Her voice was pretty heavenly. :oops:

It is that deep and low female voice. I am not sure how to describe her voice exactly. o_O

I can also feel the dragon queen slapping some sense into me so I'll leave it at that...

She was wearing a solid purple dress and she had a butler who was with us and who noticed her approach.

She was apart of the beautiful class or something and one of the few in that class apparently. Like an astral or maybe a virtuous or something?

Apparently we can potentially reset time just before we met at a specific moment and she was basically saying that we were destined to meet in this specific timeline so this timeline was special and rewinding time will cause the resulting sequence to potentially be different. I am not sure if I described that probably since it is kinda complex, but I understood it in the dream and the words were more exact. o_O

Reminds me a little of Latale where you could comment on a woman's appearance. :LOL:

Ironically there was princess Reiya who you could comment on and she plays an amusing mind game with you. o_O

Also there was that beautiful detective lady who says you have good eyes and she was really self aware that she was the most beautiful detective in the city. :ROFLMAO:

Um. Anyways, that was all I could remember for tonight. :)

heh heh heh :giggle:

edit- It seems like I forgot a dream. :oops:

In this dream I was in the back of the dream workshop and... this unnatural darkness was swallowing the back of the workshop. :eek:

I return to the front of the workshop and it was normal with the lights on? 🙃

The workshop dogs came over to me and everything was fine. :LOL:

This reminds me of one of my ideas. In 'Black Blood', the city of Yoelnam eventually becomes shrouded in darkness in it's final state. Once it enters this state the monsters transform into more sinister and crazier forms. Zombies and werewolves are no longer zombies and werewolves but something else...

Anyways, that was all for this dream. :)
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