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:tongue:Ok. I took this from the INFJ.. I know it's slightly morose but it did make me think . What would be written on the ENFJ Epitath. Here are some fun ones to start.

"Hold on... I'll be right be back."

"Who want's a hug?"

"Out to Lunch"

"Please visit my other locations"

"Look No Hands!"

"You look very nice today!"

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I dunno, I think I want to be cremated and then scattered to the four winds or something like that.


"Tried to make a difference."
"Spastically organized."
"Goin' to heaven, BRB. Oh wait, nevermind"
"Should have been on Jeopardy"
"Could've had a V8"
"What if?"
"Better to have lived and left than to have never lived at all"

That's all I got now.

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I have no clue what an epitath is...

and im too stoned to open a new tab and google search it....

but let me use my Ni... hmmmm... seems like it has something to do with phrases... but not sure what the phrases mean..
so its some form of short phrase that has meaning of who the person was?

okay! lets do this!!!

"Give me a hug!!"
"I think you need a hug!"
"I love you, and you and you!"
"no.. this is how your supposed to do it ;)"

i hope i did it right..

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"I did not see that coming."
"It's a bit dark in here, can someone let me out?"
"Dance on my grave if you will, I would too if I was alive."
"I thought I was trying to help..."
"Wait...what is this pearly gatey thing?"
"AAAH IT BURNS!!!!" - My sick humor indeed
"Respawn in...nevermind"
"Watch the Skies for Me"
"I'll be back, I promise"
"Do not Disturb, Napping"
"To live is to die, and to die is to resurrect later"
"Welcome to the End"
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Got some more...

"(1) Die, (2) Become undead, (3) ????, (4) Profit! - On step 2."
"OH NO IT's RIGHT BEHIND YOU LOOK!!! ... haha made you look, didn't I?"
"What do you want on YOUR tombstone?"
"Will you be my friend?"
"I'm in ur head, haunting ur memories..."
"Bob says 'hi'."

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"Heaven does exist and I'm eating endless pepperoni pizzas!"
"If anyone feels sad, remember that I want you to be happy!"
"Mother, Wife, Genius." :tongue:
"Life is short. Make the best of it!"
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