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Okay, I started this thread because when I read through the description of type 8, and read "power seeker" it sounded terrible. I don't want to be controlling and evil. That's never been my intention. What is power anyway? And Grim really helped me on that question, so I'm really thankful for that.
So, recently, I realized that type 8 is the leader. And that makes perfect sense. Everyone wants to criticize the leader. You ever notice that? Before Obama was president, everyone loved him. They loved what he said, how he said it, and they all chipped in to vote for him to be the leader of the free world. Ever since he has been president, everyone likes to criticize him and every little thing he does wrong.
"I still don't have a job," some say.
"I didn't see any money," say others.
"The world isn't suddenly the perfect wonderland I had hoped it would be," say some.
"How's all that hopey changey working out for you?" said Sarah Palin.
Similarly, any time someone stands up for what they believe in and makes themselves separate from the group, they face criticism.
Just as an example, look at parents. Parents are separate from children. Children like to blame their parents for everything that went wrong in their lives because parents aren't perfect and as children we helplessly and blindly followed them. They were our protectors. And sometimes they failed to protect us.
Parents are the first leaders you ever follow and they are the first leaders you rebel against and criticize.
Someone asked me recently how I grew to have such a sense of humor about the dark and tragic elements of life. I didn't have a good answer for him at the time. But recently, I've come to understand from where my confidence stems. How I came to say what I think. I'm honest because it is my motive and always has been my motive to be a leader. I thought about what it means to be a leader and I'd like to share my thoughts on the matter.
A leader acts under the following assumptions:
this is my planet, these are my people, this is my country, this is my town, this is my park, this is my house, these are my children, this is my dog, this is my body, this is my car, and, in so being, it is my responsibility to defend it, cherish it, nurture it, love it, respect it, and nurse it back to health.
Everything that goes wrong in the community is the leader's responsibility, every time a child cries with hunger it is the leader's responsibility.A leader sacrifices himself to take care of his responsibilities and everyone on this Earth is his responsibility. Imagine if every single human on this planet operated under this assumption.
No child would ever go hungry.
No child would ever be abandoned by his parents.
No park would ever be filthy, unkempt, or unattended.
No world problem would ever go unsolved.
No evil dictator would be left in office.
Imagine if everyone stood up to serve and protect their world,
their people, and their country.
Children would always receive help with their homework.
People in need would always receive help as all the leaders in the community would be waiting to build them a house, offer them food and shelter, help them find work, and they would do this just to help their community.
Imagine if we all gave without expectation to receive.
Imagine if you treated everyone on this planet as your family, what would you do differently?
If your brother asked you for a warm meal would you deny him?
If your sister screamed on her way home from work, would you do nothing?
If your children were failing in school would you sit idly by and do nothing?
A leader's reward is not in money or gratitude.
A leader's reward is the pride he feels swelling in his heart when he sees the consequences of his contribution.
A leader's reward is seeing the family playing in the backyard of the house he built for them when they had none.
A leader's reward is seeing the life he saved standing up and becoming a leader in their own life.
A leader's reward is pride for his country, his earth, and the human race at large.
When he sees people happy and leading fulfilling lives, that is the leader's reward.
A leader is proud when he sees others succeed because they are his people.
A leader is both humble and proud.
A leader never brags, whines, or complains.
A leader never blames someone else.
A leader is fearless, powerful, and strong.
When a leader sees a problem, a leader sees the problem as his responsibility and he fixes it.
A leader views all problems as his problems and all successes are attributed to a higher power for a leader would be powerless without the help of his creator.
This is leadership. This is power.
Every one of us on this planet has this power within us.
And with this great power comes great responsibility.

Now, this is how I have always felt I should live my life. And if that makes me a "power seeker", "evil", "imposing", well public opinion just isn't something I'm all that interested in. If I'm really wrong, correct me, I will do my best to set it right. I hold myself accountable for what I do wrong. But I don't do what I do so people like me.
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