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Okay so I thought it would be fun to share some of our career choices that we've all thought about. I'm sure that we've all thought about career that to others might seem to share no connection but to us they make sense. So what have you thought about? The careers i've been passionate about were and are:

Wrestling Company Owner (or creative staff member)- because i'd get to write storylines, write theme music for wrestlers, come up with their characters...etc...

Manga Creator (or company owner)- i'd get to design characters, come up with stories, and if it became an anime i'd get to write the music for it.

Video Game Music composer- I'd get to write songs for whatever characters and settings someone comes up with.

Songwriter/Musician- I'd get to write songs for any genre I wanted to and I feel like i'd be successful because I have a thing for being able to write for genres of music that i'm not 100 percent into. I'd be able to adapt to changes in musical trends and whatever else and if I was a musician i'd get to participate in crafting my own image and other various artistic requirements that come with the job.

The thing that sucks about all four of these is that not only do they have no relation to each other industry wise theey also require long term commitment (at least if you want any type of status withing that industry) so I keep switching from wanting to be one or the the other. I also KNOW that i'd be good in any of those industries. Does anyone else have any similar problem?
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