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The Evil Side of Humanity?

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Most personality theories deal with the mature version of the temperament. "NF Idealists are warm, cuddly, naturally altruistic; primarily interested in making everyone around them happier." But Hitler was an idealist, right?

What do the temperament types look like when they go bad?

Primarily, I am interested in your thoughts on the dark side of the SJ Guardian. Guardians are "stable, caring, law-abiding citizens who mow their lawn before the grass gets too high." But what happens when Guardians are broken--how do you break one?

I am posting this question on your wall because I already posted it on the SJ wall and didn't get many responses... I thought I might get better luck with you guys. I know it's a strange question but I am a writer and I want to know more about the dark side of my characters according to the integrity of their temperament.

Unfortunately for you guys, the dark side of the NT is pretty obvious--Stalin, Napoleon, Emperor Palpatine... Same goes for the SP's who splash their dysfunctional hedonsim all over Hollywood. NF's have a pretty deep dark side--borderline personality disorder, madness, raging irrationality.

But the SJs? All I can think of is Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Keirsey says that when they become self-destructive, they tend to do it literally--i.e. suicide. Thoughts?
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And (not that I hope any of you have personal experience with this, but) what exactly would an SJ do to get someone fired? I mean, they can't break rules, right? They can't soil their conscience by doing something which is obviously wrong--wait in a dark corner with a knife, plan out a crime and frame their "enemy" in it--right? They play by the book, so how do you--legitimately--get someone fired who doesn't deserve to be fired? (Offhand, that is such a difficult task--hats off to any SJ who can pull this off...)
If this was true cops would not commit abuses. They stick to the power structure not the rules in themselves.
Not all cops are SJs. A lot of them are other, less rule-abiding types. SPs, for instance, make fantastic detectives. They like the danger, the focus, the hunt. I would be really surprised, actually, if most cops were SJs. The job is pretty unstable for a guy who prefers stability over french fries.
Sure you have a point. I was following the flow of the discussion about the guardians. Those who leave the system think for them.
An SJ stepping outside of the system seems as contrary to character as an INTJ preferring to knit over a game of Settlers of Catan.
That was my point. Stepping outside the system is not always equal to not follow blindly the rules.
I am not following. What are we referring to? A bad cop? A vigilante? Let's try to specify the situation before trying to draw conclusions from it.
A bad cop. Can be a perfect guardian.
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