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I just realized a simple version to corrupt an unfortunate soul and possible derive yourself into a hell of making negativity around you.

Everyone has a bad side to them apply the right amount of confidence and dislike and the person in question will reveal their bad side towards you and if you work your hardest to reveal that side in a neutral way for others they will lose bit by bit interest in that person and as it crumbles they easily get devoured by their bad side.

How do I know this? Will it always work? No, but I have been there and back. I
t's a really dangerous path and anyone forced to walk this alone have slim chances of survival without a strong mind.

Now some might find this ridiculous and some obvious but I really don't recommend it for anyone. It's just dumb to ever waste your energy trying to bring someone else down when just being happy defeats all that. A really strong obvious defense is just not to let hater bring you down and reveal your bad side that way you become more or less untouchable and always live a sort of happy life. It's better to show humility and sadness than anger in revenge in turns of fitting in to society.
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