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I am really late to the party on this one I just started watching the show and I am on season 3. I never have read the books so I will just go off the show.

Holden- ESFP(Very high Fi, but definitely has Te and is very spontaneous.)
Miller- ISTJ(could be some other things, but this makes the most sense. He is dark, gritty, practical, realistic, and is a big old fashion person. He has moments where Ne looks pretty high, but that could just be his age allowing it to develop, because he seems to have Fi moments for sure mixed with high Si and Te.
Naomi- ENTP(could be wrong, but she seems to have high Ti and some moments of Fe so this seemed like it made the most sense.
Amos- ESTP(I think this one is pretty obvious, but he shows some growing Fe in the 3rd season)
Alex- ISFP or ISTP (leaning to ISFP because he tends to make emotional decisions, but he is very practical and easy going. He has a warmth to him and has moments of strong Ni when he needs to.
Avasalara- XSTJ or XNTJ( not really sure leading to ESTJ because of low Fi, but it’s still there and she comes across as less of a visionary and more of someone who learns using Si. If she is an ESTJ she is one of the best examples of one because she is one of the most strategic and intelligent characters in the series.)
Bobbie-ESTP maybe
Fred Johnson-ENTJ(seems pretty obvious)
Anna Volovodov- ENFJ(high Fe for sure and seems to have an Ni way of getting information, but ISFJ is possible too.)
Errinwright- INTJ(Absolutely an INTJ he is withdrawn, cold, calculating, big on hard evidence, and has a vision to be at the top no matter what.)
JP Mao- INFJ( similar to Errinwright, but he actually cares about the work and advancing humanity. He has a vision that seems very Ni-Fe).
Dr. Prax- INFP(this one is hard, but he seems to be extremely emotional and it is more Fi versus Fe and he comes up with solutions on the go very quickly, and there are moments of Si with him and his daughter.)
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