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Ok so I'm gonna nerd out here for a minute and talk about one of my favorite new book series. The Expanse is fantastic. I'm finishing book 3 now and am about to start book 4.
SyFy is going to be airing a live action series later this year. So...let's get to typing, shall we?

Holden-ESFP. Se dom- swashbuckler type. He went to space for the experience. He sleeps around (at least at the beginning). Clear Fi in his "free information" thinking. He cares about his and his own people above all others. He uses Te as well-facts are facts. They are obvious to him, but his morals overrides his logic on almost all counts. He hates killing, he hates people pushing others down. Inferior Ni is evident in his lack of foresight about his actions.
Miller-ISTJ if there has ever been an ISTJ. All of his thinking is colored by his past experiences (Si), and he expects things to happen the same way they did in the past. Te-he is rational and thinks clearly. He is black and white. Fi-unhealthy-he falls in love with someone over time that he shouldn't. He wants acceptance and love, but is held back in his emotions-he doesn't show them well. Inferior Ne-he thinks of the worst possible consequences for his actions.
Naomi-I could use help with this one. She's Fe and Ti for sure...the way she manipulates systems like she does and her ability to have incredibly deep knowledge of subjects is Ti. And her Fe is where she and Holden get into issues. But I don't know the rest for her for some reason.
Amos-ESTP. It's like they read and ESTP description and wrote Amos. Se-borderline heathenistic, loves a physical rush, very clued into his surroundings. He notices things others around him don't. Ti-he is the ship engineer, he tears things apart and easily puts them back together. Fe-he is caring, and open with how he feels about things. He doesn't hold back, but he's very charming. Inferior Ni-same thing as Holden. Poor concept of the large consequences of his actions.
Alex-xSTP. Laid back, lots of Se in his flight skills. Seems Ti/Fe-he has a warmth about him.
Fred-ENTJ. Strong Te, military strategy. Ni-he has a fantastic sense of what is going to happen, large thinker. Se-good at paying attention to the physical aspects of his surroundings. Fi-inferior, he doesn't respect his emotions-but I don't see many negative consequences for that at this point.
Avasalara-ESTJ. The most Te female ever. Says what she thinks. Brash and blunt, but very smart. Facts are facts, they are not to be argued. Si-she uses her past experience and knowledge of others to make her decisions. Ne-she can see connections between events and is good at determining the possibilities of an action. Fi-she is continually hurt by the death of her son, and she holds her family incredibly dear.
The rest I'm just going to say their type, and will discuss if needed.
Melba-Fucked up. No idea.
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