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I'll start out, list as many as you can.

ESFP: amusement park
ENTJ: strategy meeting for a business
ISTP: studio or dojo
INTJ: laboratory
ISFP: art exhibition
ENFP: bar

everyday places are also welcome, maybe people will learn new places on where to bring your friend :happy:

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INTJ: science museum
INTP: the matrix
ENTJ: the top floor of a high rise corporate building
ENTP: a room with a red laser maze
ISTJ: office depot
ISFJ: their garden
ESTJ: cpr class
ESFJ: starbucks
ISTP: their garage
ISFP: coachella
ESTP: home depot
ESFP: a house party with plastic red cups
INFP: idk in a corner of some dark room
INFJ: social protest
ENFP: hippy party
ENFJ: yoga
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