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The Final Straw

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Is there anything a person can do (whether your relationship with them is platonic or romantic) that will cause you to be completely through with them? Do you ever regret kicking someone out of your life? When that happens, do you find that there is something that could happen that would cause you to accept them back in your life?
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If that person had brainwashed me to the point that I felt as though I could associate nothing but insecurities with that person, then *out* he/she will go.

Seriously though..I'm weird..I can tolerate a lot of things. You can cheat on me, even lie to me (not always though), talk bad about me but I'd still like you if you have redeeming qualities and some sincerity in you. But if you brainwash me or manipulate my mind to the point that I have to secretly reassess my issues that relate to depression, I can't take it anymore. I used to let ex friends and a certain ex brainwash me until I had little confidence to think on my own.
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