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The Final Straw

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Is there anything a person can do (whether your relationship with them is platonic or romantic) that will cause you to be completely through with them? Do you ever regret kicking someone out of your life? When that happens, do you find that there is something that could happen that would cause you to accept them back in your life?
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ooh, interesting thread.

Romantically: cheating on me with someone else. If I really really like the person and believe that it was an honest drunken mistake or something on their part, I may let a hook up slide. But definitely nothing more.

Friends: if you screw me over and have no regrets. I had a best friend that effectively did the worst kind of thing to me (see cheating above) with my romantic interest at the time, then lied about how far it went resulting in me taking her back not knowing better :(
I let him get away with it because I was determined not to lose anyone else over that stupid bitch.
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