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The Final Straw

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Is there anything a person can do (whether your relationship with them is platonic or romantic) that will cause you to be completely through with them? Do you ever regret kicking someone out of your life? When that happens, do you find that there is something that could happen that would cause you to accept them back in your life?
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hmm, well lets see....last summer i walked in on my gf having sex w/ some random person, this was almost a 2year relationship btw. awesome day.

another time a good friend of mine was dating a guy i worked with (actually we all worked at the same place together) and a few months later when she left for college and he went w/ her, they broke up and he came back. turns out he was hitting her...needless to say it wasnt just about not wanting to be friends but later on this led to a huge fight that ended in a hospital.

i mean im a pretty easy going person, im patient and understanding. but there are basic things that i dont like and will pretty much be the end of any relationship: disloyalty, dishonesty, self centeredness, etc

i see it as: if i dont like it and i dont wanna be a part of it or be affected by it, then i wont be a part of it. i dont have to talk to someone that i dont like.
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